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    Default SotY: L'Artisan

    SotY: L’Artisan

    Total Wears : 1,356 (2.4%)
    Wears per week: 26.08
    Wears per day: 3.7
    No. of scents: 55

    Top 10 L’Artisan
    1.) Tea for Two 143 wears (#41 overall)
    2.) Dzing! 141 wears (#44)
    3.) Timbuktu 138 wears (#48)
    4.) Fou D’Absinthe 97 wears (#90)
    5.) Voleur des Roses 89 wears (#108)
    6.) Passage D’Enfer 67 wears (#168)
    7.) Dzongkha 66 wears (#172)
    8.) Safran Troublant 52 wears (#232)
    9.) Mure et Musc 48 wears (#259)
    10.) Mechant Loup 44 wears (#282)

    L’Artisan is the number eight House for the year. Despite finishing only 17 wears behind Dior the two Houses couldn’t be more different. Dior is pretty much all about Dior Homme. L’Artisan most closely resembles Serge Lutens with its wears pretty evenly distributed over a number of scents. This House also had the greatest percentage of female wears of any House in the top 10 with only Fou D’Absinthe and Mechant Loup not having greater than 32% female wears. The overall percentage was 57/43 male to female ratio.
    The graph shows a pretty up and down pattern and sometimes very sharp differences as in Week 42 it posted 42 wears only to be followed by a 16 wear week in week 43. L’Artisan was at its low point in Week 17 just three weeks after hitting its high point in week 14.
    L’Artisan is one of the more well thought of Houses on the forums and Fou D’Absinthe and Passage D’Enfer are regular recommendations from the community. Tea for Two doesn’t get as much love on the forums as many of the other House leaders do. It does get it where it counts in what the community wears but for a scent so widely worn it rarely comes up as an example in wide-ranging scent conversations.
    That’s it for L’Artisan.
    Back tomorrow with Montale.

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    Default Re: SotY: L'Artisan


    L'Artisan probably has one of the widest ranges in terms of scents of niche/non-niche houses, so I'm not surprised.

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    Default Re: SotY: L'Artisan

    What was the overall ratio of male to female wears over the year, when not broken down by house?

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