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Thread: SotY: Caron

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    Default SotY: Caron

    SotY: Caron

    Total Wears : 975 (1.8%)
    Wears per week: 18.69
    Wears per day: 2.7
    No. of scents: 60

    Top 10 Caron
    1.) Yatagan 190 wears (#25 overall)
    2.) Pour Un Homme 158 wears (#35)
    3.) Le 3me Homme 141 wears (#44)
    4.) LíAnarachiste 118 wears (#63)
    5.) Parfum Sacre 76 wears (#132)
    6.) Tabac Blond 63 wears (#183)
    7.) Aimez-Moi 27 wears (#485)
    8.) Nuit de Noel 24 wears (#538)
    9.) Farnesiana 18 wears (#700)
    10.) Coup de Fouet 16 wears (#774)
    10.) Montaigne 16 wears (#774)

    Caron was the tenth most worn House and it was powered by gender favorites. The top four Carons are the four signature masculine perfumes from Caron, Yatagan, pour Un Homme, Le 3me Homme, and LíAnarchiste. These four scents are widely admired and discussed on the boards and so it is no surprise that they make up 62.3% of the House total. On the womenís side Parfum Sacre and Tabac Blond hold similar respect and standing and together they make up another 14.3% of the House wears. Taken together these six scents account for 86.6% of Caronís wears. Also outside of the top four scents Caron was almost exclusively a female House as the great majority of the remaining wears came from the womenís side of things.
    You can see by the chart that Caron had a much stronger second half of the year. The averages bear that out as in the first half Caron averaged 13.23 wears/week and in the second half 24.27 wears/week, almost doubling its average. Caron really came on in the latter few months and that is really what pushed it into the number 10 slot for Houses.
    Before we leave the House discussion I thought Iíd give you one more little morsel of statistical prestidigitation.
    If you take the top 10 Houses and divide their total wears by the total number of scents posted you would get a very different top 10.
    1.) Chanel 65.17 wears/scent
    2.) Hermes 53.53 wears/scent
    3.) Serge Lutens 49.26 wears/scent
    4.) Creed 45.63 wears/scent
    5.) Guerlain 42.43 wears/scent
    6.) Yves St. Laurent 40.12 wears/scent
    7.) Dior 31.93 wears/scent
    8.) Caron 28.67 wears/scent
    9.) LíArtisan 24.65 wears/scent
    10.) Montale 17.92 wears/scent

    Iím not sure what to think of these numbers because, as Iíve already shown, of how much Hermes was carried by Terre DíHermes it shows they can be easily overwhelmed by one scent getting a large amount of wears. On the other hand it was my feeling that Chanel showed the most overall depth of any of the Houses from top to bottom and this number bears that out. As I said it is just another way to look at things and it is a good place to leave things.
    Tomorrow Iíll be back with the Ladiesí top 10.

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    Default Re: SotY: Caron

    It's so interesting that Yatagan leads the Caron pack. Wouldn't you assume that it would be one that people admire in the abstract but wear infrequently. And yet there it is, leading even the incomparably pleasant Pour Un Homme. I suppose that once again it shows that this particular community is more interested in being challenged than in being comforted. Or maybe it shows that Yatagan actually works as a fragrance rather than a curiosity--even though it most often comes up in the context of curiosities or nasties or something. Once again, thanks to SMM for giving us interesting data to speculate about.

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    Default Re: SotY: Caron

    Thanks again for your amazing statistical observations. I'm surprised that Yatagan is the winner in this house. Because Le 3me Homme seems to get so many write ups and is raved about so universally. Yet Yatagan is the one fragrance that seems most available - yet seems more divisive in the voices here.

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    Default Re: SotY: Caron

    I really like and enjoy the top 4 Caron fragrances - and it is an added bonus that they are so reasonably priced.
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    Default Re: SotY: Caron

    SMM - really enjoying your statistical analysis. And looking forward to the ladies top 10 - may be a great way to get my wife more interested.

    Wondering if the Administrators would consider posting all of your work in one spot so it could be easily referenced?

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    Default Re: SotY: Caron

    Amazing numbers! And so informative... Thanks for your usual thorough and detailed work!
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    Yr good bud,


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    Default Re: SotY: Caron

    Great stuff, really...

    I've only recently been exploring Caron, and I'm finding the vintage feminine's to be my favorite (and not very feminine by today's standards). En Avion, Poivre, Pois de Centeur, Nuit de Noel, and of course Tabac Blonde. I also recommend people check out Aimez Moi if they like violet.

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    Default Re: SotY: Caron

    Im really surprised Chanel is #1 house
    I would of thought it to be guerlain
    surprise surprise
    Caron deserves to be there, a very nice fragrance house indeed
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    Smile Re: SotY: Caron

    Quote Originally Posted by petruccijc View Post
    i really like and enjoy the top 4 caron fragrances - and it is an added bonus that they are so reasonably priced.
    ditto from me.

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    Default Re: SotY: Caron

    I only own this one, but it's one of my favorites:

    Current Top 10 (in Italics ---> Runner Up)
    Chanel Egoiste
    Tiffany for Men ---> Caron Third Man
    Creed Bois du Portugal ---> Guerlain Habit Rouge
    Aramis Havana ---> Czech & Speake Cuba
    Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme ---> Chanel Antaeus
    Dior Homme ---> L'Instant de Guerlain
    Creed Green Irish Tweed ---> Chanel Platinum Egoiste
    Guerlain Vetiver ---> Lalique Encre Noir
    Richard James Saville Row ---> Ungaro III
    Acqua di Parma Essenza ---> Dunhill for Men 1934

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