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    Default Please help this newbie find a substitute for Dolce Vita

    Well, I've been lurking the boards for a while and decided to join in on the fun! I am hoping someone here remembers Dior's Dolce Vita and could possibly direct me to a similar scent. I have always loved perfumes (I used to raid my mother's extensive collection frequently!) but I'm only now really "learning" about them. I do know I liked Dolce Vita, but was dismayed to learn it has been discontinued. Can any of you resident experts point me in another direction?? Thanks!!

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    Default Re: Please help this newbie find a substitute for Dolce Vita

    Welcome Eve, you will enjoy it here and yes you are right; we do have fun. You should know that Dolce Vita is not discontinued. You can find it in ebay stores and many online perfume shops. I know that the Neiman Marcus near me, in Natick MA carries it, NM has the exclusive on it here in the states. So it is available. I think it is a glorious scent and it is my mother's signature scent as well. The one scent that could have been its close cousin was Feminite du Bois by Shiseido, but that is now going to be marketed by Serge Lutens, it was his concept while working with Shiseido anyway, but it might be slightly different. I do not know how different, because I have yet to smell the newer version. I still say you should peruse for DV, if you have trouble finding it, let me know (pm me).
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    Default Re: Please help this newbie find a substitute for Dolce Vita

    If you liked dolce vita (that thankfully it's far from being discontinued and you can still find it in dep stores) give Miller et Bertaux #1(for you) a try: it's a bit different but shares a common woody fruityness.

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    Default Re: Please help this newbie find a substitute for Dolce Vita

    Dolce Vita is indeed a sister to Feminite du Bois, both were created by Pierre Bourdon. (Well, Bourdon came up with the original theme and Sheldrake perfected it for Lutens. Interestingly, both perfumers give the other credit.) Dolce Vita is Feminite du Bois plum and cedar as a bassline, with a melody of topnotes added to it. And Feminite du Bois is also still just about available in Europe in the original form, even though it has been added to the Lutens line (saw a bottle a few months back). I guess they're still selling off the old Shiseido stock.

    If you like these two, I'd also suggest another Bourdon creation: Worth Courtesan. It has a similar vibe to my mind, with the balance of fruit and flowers and a sunny disposition.

    And if you're looking for samples and trial sizes before you splash out your money, go take a look at The Perfumed Court or somewhere similar. That way you can spend a few bucks and be sure you've got something you love before you splash out on a full bottle.

    Oddly enough, I'd also point you towards a Guerlain that has a similar fruit and flowers and wood feel to it: Attrape Coeur/Guet Apens/ Vol de Nuit Evasion (ONLY the evasion version, it's the same scent as AC/GA but at a different concentration and bears no resemblance to regular Vol de Nuit). Or if peach and sandalwood grabs you, there's even a solid stick version (Dans tes Bras) from Crazy Libellule and The Poppies - very economical and jolly good perfume.
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    Default Re: Please help this newbie find a substitute for Dolce Vita

    Thanks sooo very much for your help. I am relieved to know that DV is still in production somewhere in the world! I had seen it on Ebay but was worried they would be fakes/knockoffs and was very hesitant to order it. I suppose a call to our local Neiman Marcus is in order as well. I LOVE all the other options you have given me--I can't wait to start sniffng at your suggestions! I KNEW someone here could help me

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