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    Default SotY: Women's Top 10

    SotY: Women’s Top 10

    That Basenotes is a man’s world is no surprise to anybody with eyes. So when the overall top 10 is populated with mostly masculine scents that also is no surprise. The unfortunate aspect of that is it shortchanges the effect the women had on the stats from the moment I started to include their SotD posts in week 10. The women were responsible for 38.6% of the total posts for the year and that is after not being counted for the first nine weeks except for the double posters to the men’s board. There were some general trends to mention about the women. While the overall individuality index for the community was 40% the women were higher than that with an individuality index of 47.3%. This isn’t surprising as the individuality index took a big jump upward once I started adding the women’s wears into the mix. The women are a more individualistic lot than the guys. Some of that comes because they have more choices. Some of it comes because they are more adventurous. There are examples of artisanal Houses that were discovered and championed by the women first, these include Possets, Soivohle, La Via del Profumo, and Dawn Spencer Hurwitz to name a few. They guys almost all tried some of these but it was the women who brought them into the spotlight. The women also tend to wear more scents on a day. On the men’s side I have a couple of regulars who wear a SotD and a SotE. On the women’s side there are a bunch of them and in a couple of cases they wear a scent on each arm as a SotD and a SotE! The women as a whole are a much more chatty bunch and it has been a pleasure being exposed to their community because it has been eye-opening from a personal level to scents and houses I never would have discovered on my own. The guys tend to post and run the ladies tend to post and stick around a bit to chat. Don’t know what that says about the difference in genders but it is a fact.
    The ladies were also a force to be reckoned with when they got it into their head to rule the stats and so in weeks 12 and 13 they placed Guerlain Champs-Elysees and Guerlain Jicky in the top spot. The next week they did the same with L de Lolita Lempicka but by this time they had tired of flexing their muscles and they went back to their adventuresome ways. The funny thing is the guys tried to organize to skew the stats and they were never successful, in fact they were a lot like the Keystone Kops when it came to trying to organize. The ladies twice more showed their strength by placing scents from Parfums MDCI and Annayake in the top 10 when they had the will to do it. One thing I learned over the last year the women might be in the minority here but they are strong!
    Here now are the top 10 scents worn primarily (>75% of the wears) by the women of Basenotes.
    #10-Parfum D’Empire Ambre Russe- 135 wears (#51 overall)
    Amber Russe was the bedtime scent of one of the ladies for a long streak during the late summer and fall but it also had quite a bit of wears from the other women.
    #9-Prada Infusion D’Iris- 136 wears (#50)
    This was the most successful new scent for the women. Infusion D’Iris also got the highest number of masculine wears at 24%
    #8-Ava Luxe Love’s True Bluish Light- 140 wears (#47)
    This is a good example of the women’s ability to support an artisanal House. Ava Luxe was a favorite among the women and Love’s True Bluish Light really took off over the last half of the year. More on Ava Luxe in a couple of days.
    #7-L’Artisan Dzing!-141 wears (#47)
    Dzing! was the highest female prominent worn scent from L’Artisan. Tea for Two had more wears but that was almost unisex in its percentages.
    #6- Guerlain Spiriteuse Double Vanille- 142 wears (#43)
    SDV was a cold-weather favorite of the women and really had the majority of its wears over the last 16 weeks.
    #5-Montana Parfum D’Homme (red box)- 143 wears (#41)
    Yes you read that right. Montana Parfum D’Homme became the signature scent of one of the women and she wore it every day straight for the last 80 days of the stats. With just a few more of the women trying it out it just got over the line for 75% female wears. This is a good example of how one determined poster can sway things.
    #4-Guerlain Mitsouko-186 wears (#29)
    Mitsouko is one of the women’s classic scents and it was worn by a number of the women. It is no surprise that it is in this position.
    #3-Guerlain L’Heure Bleue- 188 wears (#27)
    This one is somewhat of a surprise. L’Heure Bleue is not one of the widely known Guerlains but in this community it is very much beloved and like the other classic Guerlains gets worn a lot by many different women.
    #2-Guerlain Shalimar- 213 wears (#18)
    If you had asked me going into this exercise what I expected the number one women’s scent to be my guess would have been Chanel No. 5 or this one. Shalimar is widely praised and considered to be a staple scent for women. For those of you wondering Chanel No. 5 was the 26th most worn women’s scent with 83 wears. Shows how much I knew.
    #1- Guerlain Jicky-328 wears (#8)
    I already talked about Jicky pretty extensively when I did the overall SotY countdown and there isn’t too much to add. Jicky makes Guerlain occupy five of the top six slots for the women which shows what a powerhouse Guerlain is for the women.
    Chanel had the three scents that just missed with Coco with 131 wears followed by No. 19 with 129 wears and Bois des Iles with 128 wears.
    That’s it for the ladies.
    Tomorrow I’ll be back and we’ll talk about what it takes for a new scent to catch on here on Basenotes.

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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    Well, I truly feel part of the BN community! I regularly wear and own full bottles of five of the top ten.

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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    Very very interesting, SMM! Also look how close are the scents that took the last positions (140-136-135) and the Chanels that have just missed the Top 10! I must be an odd-ball (new news!) and NONE of the Top 10 are in my personal Top 10. It adds some spice to the whole adventure, doesn't it?

    No Angel?
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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    Great! Three of my most loved Guerlains in the top ten

    Even without our 'muscle flexing', beautiful Jicky would have been the winner. Although I admit I enjoyed that muscle flexing immensely, especially when Champs-Elysées ruled for one week

    Thanks SMM, you are the only person who ever made stats really interesting and even fun for me.
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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    As a market researcher, I found your stats fascinating, and thanks for all your hard number crunching behind the scenes on our behalf!

    I can chime with Dzing! and the Prada, but those are not my favourite Guerlains - then again, I don't always post on the SOTD thread - so perhaps I should type up and be counted in future and do some chronic wearing of Plus Que Jamais!
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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    Wonderful statistics! Thanks so much SMM.
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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    Wow! The work that goes into these stats SMM. This one was particularly interesting since I love and wear all the Guerlains mentioned.
    Thankyou for taking the time to do this for us. It's fascinating and very much appreciated.
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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    Your stats are always a pleasure to read. Thank you for putting all that work into them.

    Now I really want to try Jicky. I've only briefly sniffed it on paper and imediatly dismissed it (I know, I know... blasphemy I know... blame it on my youth ).

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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    very interesting! thanks for the work

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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    Fascinating read, SMM! Thank you so much for all your hard work compiling these stats. Well done, and very entertaining.

    And by the way, I'm whispering a little 'uh-oh' to myself...need to give Jicky another shot. I've fallen completely in love with Mitsouko and Shalimar after initially not liking them. Maybe the same will happen with Jicky?

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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    Proud to be a Jicky (and Guerlain) lover here! SMM, thank you so very much for all of your work doing the stats over the past year. I don't know anyone else who could make dry data as interesting as you do. I would think that the perfume industry would be interested in your findings. Then again, I suppose Basenoters are not typical. Anyway... to you!

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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    Thanks for the stats SMM! Five out of ten are my big faves: DZING! and all the classic Guerlains. I'm very happy and very surprised to see DZING! in this group, I had no idea it is so popular.
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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    I'll be taking a required stats class in september, maybe reading your posts will help me overcome a bit of my fear - you do make it interesting and engaging!

    So pleased that Loves' True Bluish Light made it in the top ten along with the glorious Guerlains.
    Jicky number one. Not surprised

    Thanks for this labor of love, SMM.
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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    Thanks again SMM. Wonderful to see LTBL up there!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Riannon View Post
    Although I admit I enjoyed that muscle flexing immensely, especially when Champs-Elysées ruled for one week
    Teehee! *Hi 5*

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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    SMM ~ You are fantabulous! Thank you for doing all that computing, undoubtedly a tedious task. We are lucky to have you

    I only own & wear one of the top 10 - LTBL. But I'm glad to know COCO was right up there with the others! Thanks again!

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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    SMM - how do you have time to do your REAL job!! I would think enormous numbers of hours go into this effort - and we women are only one fifth the number of guys for whom you do the same thing - right?

    So fascinating - manymany thanks.

    I own and wear two out of the top three (haven't had Jicky for a while) but - like Wolfie - would maybe not put them at the top of my top ten. Today. The Top Ten changes every day!! :bounce:

    Carry on!!
    "The world is ruled by letting things take their course. It cannot be ruled by interfering." Lao Tze

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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    Thank you! I love how this really pulls everything together. I am really surprised about Dzing! I must try it now.
    I love my LHB but I keep purchasing it & selling it to pass the love around. Now that it might be "endangered", I need to stop doing that.
    Ava Luxe is the next house I plan to explore.
    Thanks again for all your work, SMM.
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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    Yay Jicky!
    Yay Shalimar!

    And woot, my Ambre Russe made the top ten

    The one I am surprised about is Dzing!. I did not think it was worn enough to make the top 10--interesting!

    Thanks SMM, such a great project you have undertaken. I really appreciate that you followed it through to the end and have given us such a lovely story about how we wear our fragrances

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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    Love the stats SMM.

    Guerlain rules!

    Surprise for me was that Chanel didn't land in the top 10.
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