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    Default SotY: Women's Top 10

    SotY: Womenís Top 10

    That Basenotes is a manís world is no surprise to anybody with eyes. So when the overall top 10 is populated with mostly masculine scents that also is no surprise. The unfortunate aspect of that is it shortchanges the effect the women had on the stats from the moment I started to include their SotD posts in week 10. The women were responsible for 38.6% of the total posts for the year and that is after not being counted for the first nine weeks except for the double posters to the menís board. There were some general trends to mention about the women. While the overall individuality index for the community was 40% the women were higher than that with an individuality index of 47.3%. This isnít surprising as the individuality index took a big jump upward once I started adding the womenís wears into the mix. The women are a more individualistic lot than the guys. Some of that comes because they have more choices. Some of it comes because they are more adventurous. There are examples of artisanal Houses that were discovered and championed by the women first, these include Possets, Soivohle, La Via del Profumo, and Dawn Spencer Hurwitz to name a few. They guys almost all tried some of these but it was the women who brought them into the spotlight. The women also tend to wear more scents on a day. On the menís side I have a couple of regulars who wear a SotD and a SotE. On the womenís side there are a bunch of them and in a couple of cases they wear a scent on each arm as a SotD and a SotE! The women as a whole are a much more chatty bunch and it has been a pleasure being exposed to their community because it has been eye-opening from a personal level to scents and houses I never would have discovered on my own. The guys tend to post and run the ladies tend to post and stick around a bit to chat. Donít know what that says about the difference in genders but it is a fact.
    The ladies were also a force to be reckoned with when they got it into their head to rule the stats and so in weeks 12 and 13 they placed Guerlain Champs-Elysees and Guerlain Jicky in the top spot. The next week they did the same with L de Lolita Lempicka but by this time they had tired of flexing their muscles and they went back to their adventuresome ways. The funny thing is the guys tried to organize to skew the stats and they were never successful, in fact they were a lot like the Keystone Kops when it came to trying to organize. The ladies twice more showed their strength by placing scents from Parfums MDCI and Annayake in the top 10 when they had the will to do it. One thing I learned over the last year the women might be in the minority here but they are strong!
    Here now are the top 10 scents worn primarily (>75% of the wears) by the women of Basenotes.
    #10-Parfum DíEmpire Ambre Russe- 135 wears (#51 overall)
    Amber Russe was the bedtime scent of one of the ladies for a long streak during the late summer and fall but it also had quite a bit of wears from the other women.
    #9-Prada Infusion DíIris- 136 wears (#50)
    This was the most successful new scent for the women. Infusion DíIris also got the highest number of masculine wears at 24%
    #8-Ava Luxe Loveís True Bluish Light- 140 wears (#47)
    This is a good example of the womenís ability to support an artisanal House. Ava Luxe was a favorite among the women and Loveís True Bluish Light really took off over the last half of the year. More on Ava Luxe in a couple of days.
    #7-LíArtisan Dzing!-141 wears (#47)
    Dzing! was the highest female prominent worn scent from LíArtisan. Tea for Two had more wears but that was almost unisex in its percentages.
    #6- Guerlain Spiriteuse Double Vanille- 142 wears (#43)
    SDV was a cold-weather favorite of the women and really had the majority of its wears over the last 16 weeks.
    #5-Montana Parfum DíHomme (red box)- 143 wears (#41)
    Yes you read that right. Montana Parfum DíHomme became the signature scent of one of the women and she wore it every day straight for the last 80 days of the stats. With just a few more of the women trying it out it just got over the line for 75% female wears. This is a good example of how one determined poster can sway things.
    #4-Guerlain Mitsouko-186 wears (#29)
    Mitsouko is one of the womenís classic scents and it was worn by a number of the women. It is no surprise that it is in this position.
    #3-Guerlain LíHeure Bleue- 188 wears (#27)
    This one is somewhat of a surprise. LíHeure Bleue is not one of the widely known Guerlains but in this community it is very much beloved and like the other classic Guerlains gets worn a lot by many different women.
    #2-Guerlain Shalimar- 213 wears (#18)
    If you had asked me going into this exercise what I expected the number one womenís scent to be my guess would have been Chanel No. 5 or this one. Shalimar is widely praised and considered to be a staple scent for women. For those of you wondering Chanel No. 5 was the 26th most worn womenís scent with 83 wears. Shows how much I knew.
    #1- Guerlain Jicky-328 wears (#8)
    I already talked about Jicky pretty extensively when I did the overall SotY countdown and there isnít too much to add. Jicky makes Guerlain occupy five of the top six slots for the women which shows what a powerhouse Guerlain is for the women.
    Chanel had the three scents that just missed with Coco with 131 wears followed by No. 19 with 129 wears and Bois des Iles with 128 wears.
    Thatís it for the ladies.
    Tomorrow Iíll be back and weíll talk about what it takes for a new scent to catch on here on Basenotes.

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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    wow, sick.. Guerlain kick ass.. haha
    unico grande amore.

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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    Montana Parfum D’Homme (red box) on the list.... I never would have guessed in a million year.

    Somerville Metro Man, you rock! You must be the most hardworking basenoter. I am a fan already. lol.

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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    So, no love for Chanel from the ladies?

    Thanks, SMM. You should put all of your findings in a thesis and submit it to the University of Good Scents.
    Everyone is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts. Daniel Moynihan

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    Default Re: SotY: Women's Top 10

    I really enjoy these SotY posts! Thanks so much for providing intresting morning reading

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