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    Default Cruel Intentions VS Duro VS M7 (VS White Aoud)

    So I whipped out my Cruel Intentions sample today and I was amazed at how much my appreciation for this scent has grown. Last year I found it medicinal, off-putting and slightly boring. This year I can't get enough of it. I think it partly has to do with Duro and M7.

    Even though M7 is enjoyable, it's all cherry cough syrup and synthetic oud to me which I find annoying throughout the day. Although it's a stretch for me to say that M7 and Duro are interchangeable, I find M7 to the be the younger, less refined version of Duro. While Duro is better quality than M7, I can't help complaining that it comes off as too over-the-top, screaming for attention with its candied-oud and leather.

    This is where Cruel Intentions comes in - to me it's kind of like what Duro is to M7, only to an even higher extent. CI is less obnoxious and more refined, with perfect blending and more comfortable ingredients. CI has just the right amount of sweetness, a touch of violet and bergamot in the opening notes to cut the medicinal oud, along with a camphory/mentholated effect which rounds out a sort of dark chocolate vibe, and a base of leathery castoreum adding some sexiness to it. It's seriously just right, and IMO the best of the genre - even better than White Aoud which I tried only once, but found to be too much with its vanilla base.

    Just thought I might shine some light for those looking for something less synthetic than M7 and a little less "look at me, look at me" than Duro. Definitely goes into my top 10 for the moment.
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    Default Re: Cruel Intentions VS Duro VS M7 (VS White Aoud)

    Another beauty that is less synthetic and syrupy than M7 (but is definitely in the same vein), is Kprres Saffron / Amber / Agarwood / Cardamom.

    I would also like to try Cruel Intentions, but fear I will love it just as much as Straight to Heaven. Not good for the back pocket!

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    Default Re: Cruel Intentions VS Duro VS M7 (VS White Aoud)

    Cruel Intentions.. have seen the movie yesterday, haha. without seeing this thread.. so, you know I might try this one. Though the reviews aren't that good,.
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    Default Re: Cruel Intentions VS Duro VS M7 (VS White Aoud)

    Duro is loud but in very very good way

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    Default Re: Cruel Intentions VS Duro VS M7 (VS White Aoud)

    any new opinions on this guys?

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    Default Re: Cruel Intentions VS Duro VS M7 (VS White Aoud)

    I'd always choose M7 over the others.

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    Default Re: Cruel Intentions VS Duro VS M7 (VS White Aoud)

    M7 puts a lot of so called niche scents to shame!
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