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    Default SotY: New Scents

    SotY: New Scents

    Top 10 New Scents
    1.) Comme des Garcons Monocle Scent One: Hinoki 196 wears (#24 overall)
    2.) Prada Infusion D'Iris 136 wears (#50)
    3.) Montale Red Vetyver 117 wears (#64)
    4.) Estee Lauder Sensuous 110 wears (#75)
    5.) Prada Infusion D'Homme 90 wears (#103)
    6.) Ralph Lauren Polo Modern Reserve 88 wears (#112)
    7.) Guerlain Homme 87 wears (#113)
    8.) Kenzo Power 75 wears (#140)
    9.) Juicy Couture Dirty English 74 wears (#143)
    9.) Versace pour Homme 74 wears (#143)
    11.)Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche 73 wears (#146)
    11.) Serge Lutens 5 O'Clock au Gigembre 73 wears (#146)

    One of the most fun things for me to watch while doing the stats was the life cycle of a new scent on Basenotes. The graph above shows the number one new scent, Hinoki and it is pretty reminiscent of what I observed for all of the new scents during the course of the year. Hinoki showed up for the first time in week 6 at low levels. This was what I called the “bright lights, big city” phase. This is weeks 6-10 on the Hinoki graph. The members of the community who live in the big cities or were members of the fragrance profession would be the early wearers and the ones who would post first. This would lead to the next phase which I would call “the cresting wave”. As the scent would become more available on the popular decant sites and those who actually owned a bottle shared samples with their friends. This is shown on the Hinoki graph from week 12-16. This was where the fragrance would be widely worn by many different members, as well as start to be worn regularly by some of the wearers from the “bright lights, big city” phase. Then the third phase would be “low tide” as after all of the early testing the wear numbers would drop quickly. This is seen in the trend down ward from week 17 to hitting the low point in week 25. Every new scent would eventually go through this sort of backlash where the community would move on to the next new thing. The last phase was “equilibrium” as those who tried the new scent finally began to wear it regularly and I would get a sense of whether the scent would have staying power. None of the scents in the top 10 ended up returning back to zero wears so they all found some kind of acceptance in the community. This was repeated over and over again.
    That’s it for the new scent review.
    Back tomorrow with a discussion of how wear patterns changed over the two halves of the year.

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    Default Re: SotY: New Scents

    Amazing. I'm glad it was Hinoki that illustrated this principle so well because I remember its cresting wave phase--whoa, it was the new new thing indeed.

    The low tide and equilibrium phases are good to see visually. I can't say exactly how they relate to what they make think of, but I like seeing them in light of how it's sometimes charged that our scent tastes here are that of "lemmings." The data don't show a phase for that, really, because your cresting wave, low tide, and equilibrium phases explain and really justify the phenomenon in a way that doesn't make testing out the new thing into a pajorative. "Oooo, yer just wearing Hinoki because it's hot and everyone already is!" doesn't make as much sense anymore. The reply is now visual, thanks to the graph: "yeah, well, I'm sure trying out the new thing I guess. We'll see where it places in my equilibrium I guess. Kinda fun to surf the new big wave though."
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    Default Re: SotY: New Scents

    I think I went a little gaga about Hinoki when I first smelled it here on BN...perhaps contributing to some of the 'hype'?

    LIttle did I know the hype would take it to #1 new scent. Wow.
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