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Thread: Is it fake?

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    Default Is it fake?

    Saw a bottle of Davidoff Cool Water Deep 30ml/1 oz going for quite cheap at the mall just now. Came back home and did some price analysis online and i noticed that Cool Water Deep 30ml is kind of rare. What is available is only 50ml and 100ml. So i was wondering whether the 30ml bottle is the real thing.

    Anyone owns a Cool Water Deep 30ml/ 1 OZ?

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    I doubt a 1 oz bottle would be faked, from what I've seen.

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    Never have seen that size before. Better buy 50ml online, it's cheap.
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    from polish ebay like auctions seems like real one and guy does not look as one who sells fakes
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    yrk - yeah thats the one i saw.

    From what i've seen online, looks like the 30ml version is mostly available in parts of Europe (germany, russia). But somehow its available in asia too. Looks like i might be getting it if the juice smells real.

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