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    Default What the 1860s American ladies wore (long)

    Here are some extracts from old United States' newspapers around 1860, showing the current perfumes available to the ladies. How many do you recognize?

    MARSHALL TEXAS REPUBLICAN, May 19, 1860, p. 2, c. 5
    Lubin's genuine Extracts, Harrison's Extracts, Bell Cologne, German Cologne, together with a large variety of Toilet Soap, just received and for sale by Bradfield & Talley.

    CHARLESTON MERCURY, August 27, 1860, p. 2, c. 6
    Important to the Ladies! Fresh Stock of Lubin's Perfumeries!
    All of which having been purchased for Cash will be sold at reasonable prices by Van. Schaack & Grierson, Chemists and Druggists, and Importers of Perfumery, Toilet Articles, &c.

    SAVANNAH [GA] REPUBLICAN, December 27, 1860, p. 2, c. 5
    New Mown Hay Cologne, Lubin's Boquet , Savannah, and a choice lot of French Pomades
    Just received at Stewart's Apothecaries' Hall.

    FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER, January 5, 1861, p. 110, c. 4
    Perfumes! Perfumes! Perfumes!
    609 Broadway, New York.
    The most delightful and genuine liquid and dry Perfumes for the present season, comprising the fragrance of the earliest and latest flowers, as well as the most approved Bouquets. Mount Vernon, Kiss Me Quick, Perfect Gem, Washington Nosegay, Fragrant Japonica, &c, &c.
    Also Concentrated Flavoring Extracts, for Pies, Puddings, &c.
    To be had, wholesale and retail, at No. 609 Broadway, New York.
    Eugene Dupuy, Chemist and Druggist.

    MARSHALL TEXAS REPUBLICAN, February 2, 1861, p. 2, c. 3
    To the Ladies,
    We would say, Soda, Cream Tartar, Fancy Soaps, Starch, Bluing, and the Spices are on hand and for sale; and the Humming Bird, Kiss-Me-Sweetly, and Lubin's Handkerchief Extracts, we have no doubt will be exhibited with pleasure, by our young friend M., who is always pleased to see the ladies. . . .

    DAILY CHRONICLE & SENTINEL, AUGUSTA, GA, July 31, 1861, p. 3, c. 7
    Handsome Women
    To the Ladies!
    Hunt's "Bridal Wreath Perfume" a double extract of orange blossoms and cologne. Mailed free for $1. This exquisite perfume was first used by the Princess Royal of England on her marriage. Messrs. Hunt & Co. presented the Princess with an elegant case of Perfumery, (in which all of the above articles were included) in handsome cut glass with gold stoppers, valued at $1500, particulars of which appeared in the public prints.
    Hunt & Co. Perfumers to the Queen.
    Regent Street, London, and 77 [illegible] St., Phila, Pa.
    For sale by all Druggists and Perfumers.

    SAVANNAH GA REPUBLICAN, August 14, 1861, p. 2, c. 3
    Fancy Toilet Soaps - Jocky Club, New-mown Hay, Musk, Honey, Millefleur, Ess. Bouquet, Butterfly Bouquet, &c
    For sale by John B. Habersham,
    Broughton st. op. St. Andrew's Hall.

    CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE, June 28, 1862, p. 1, c. 9
    New Perfumes by Jaques' - Extract Garden Lavender, Extract Mayflower, Extract Pond Lilly, Extract Rondelitia, 100 varieties of Lubin's, Baily's Ess. Bouquet, Guerlain's Assorted Extracts,
    Smith & Dwyer,
    Dealers in fine Toilet Goods,
    92 & 94 Lake Street,
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    Default Re: What the 1860s American ladies wore (long)

    Thank you for sharing, Merbert!

    Due to living in a building constructed in the 1860s, that particular decade bears special interest to me. I was not aware of Lubin's history until reading your post and following up with NowSmellThis's brief bio. When I daydream about the teachers who taught in our schoolhouse, I have to wonder what perfumes were the first to waft through these rooms. I thought that if I ever were to don costume and act as docent, I'd wear a Hové perfume because they smell old to me.
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    Default Re: What the 1860s American ladies wore (long)

    This is really interesting!

    Obviously, I've heard of "Guerlain's Assorted Extracts", but the only other familiar one is Jockey Club, which is a Caswell Massey. It's officially for men and it's the most powdery scent I've ever encountered - baby powder over talcum powder.

    Nice find!
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    Default Re: What the 1860s American ladies wore (long)

    Thanks for running this. It's fascinating.
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    Default Re: What the 1860s American ladies wore (long)

    Yay for Lubin, I love Lubin. I own vintage Nuit de Longchamps and some other lesser known and find them enchanting.
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    Default Re: What the 1860s American ladies wore (long)

    New Mown Hay Cologne was mentioned twice. I wonder if it was that common.

    Also Lubin was mentioned a few times there too.

    This is really neat!

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    Default Re: What the 1860s American ladies wore (long)

    In 1820 Londoner's already were importing Houbigant fragrances:
    Atkinson’s Concentrated Essence of Lavender, prepared six times the strength of Lavender Water, and is peculiarly adapted for sick or crowded rooms, recommended to the admirers of this genuine English Perfume. It being only the finest lavender flowers distilled to a powerful essence unequaled. Persian Bouquet de Rose, prepared from the genuine Otto of Roses, imparting all the fragrance of the finest roses in the medidian climates. Otto of Roses in bottles from 5s to 5 guineas, warranted genuine and of the finest quality. N. B. A great variety of new perfumes from Paris &c. Genuine Eau de Cologne, from Farina, of Cologne, and Chardin Hubigant, of Paris; 39 New Broad-street, and 44, Gerrard-street. Atkinson’s perfumery is sold by appointment, by most hair dressers in town and country.
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    Default Re: What the 1860s American ladies wore (long)

    New Mown Hay caught my eye too. I've never heard of any of those - it's so interesting to see what was available then.

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    Default Re: What the 1860s American ladies wore (long)

    This is an advertising card die-cut in bookmark form from Hoyt's German Cologne circa 1870s so it is probably similar to those available in the 1860s..

    This advertising card is also from that era.

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    Default Re: What the 1860s American ladies wore (long)

    Interesting. Very interesting. I have an old late 1800's magazine clipping mentioning many of the famous people of that time that wore perfumes by The Crown Perfumery.

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    Default Re: What the 1860s American ladies wore (long)

    Merbert!! You sweetie!! MANYMANY Thanks for sharing this fascinating info.
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    Default Re: What the 1860s American ladies wore (long)

    Merbert, this is so cool. Someone should bring back Washington Nosegay.

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