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    Default SotY: Warm-Weather vs. Cold-Weather

    SotY: Warm Weather vs. Cold Weather

    I wish I could say it was by design but it was more dumb luck that the stats broke almost perfectly into two halves. The first half of March through August covered most of the warm-weather months in the Northern Hemisphere and September thorough February the cold-weather months. This really allowed me to look back over the year and make some observations.
    Observation one: There are more warm-weather options
    The individuality index was sharply lower once we moved into the colder months with the average over the last six months being 3.80% lower. 41.98% for the first six months vs. 38.18% for the last six months. This was clearly due to a smaller rotation for many of the posters. As the mercury dropped so did a number of scents by the way side. The best example of this were the two Creed standard bearers Green Irish Tweed and Bois du Portugal. All through the first half of the year Green Irish Tweed was up there in wears and especially as we moved into July and August Bois du Portugal nearly faded away for good. Then the fall came and the reverse happened Bois du Portugal arose from the dead and started to show up in the top 10 constantly and Green Irish Tweed fell to earth. The lesson here is aquatic scents do well in warm weather and there are many, many more of those available especially on the masculine side of things. As the weather turns colder the scents can become a little heavier and carry a little more weight. Especially for the guys the options in that arena begin to become limited and so scents like Chanel Antaeus start to rise in wears.
    Observation two: Vetiver the note is king in warm-weather
    Guerlain Vetiver was the SotY but in the heat of summer vetiver the note is also king. Through July and August most of the vetiver-centric scents hit their peak wear weeks. Almost half of the yearly wears of scents like Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire, Mugler Cologne, and Lalique Encre Noire came during that 9 week period. When it is hot outside a Basenoter wants to wear vetiver.
    Observation three: During the Holiday season we want to wear classy scents
    As much as we began to constrict our choices in the cold-weather the combination of weather and Holidays really made for a limited selection. During the time from Thanksgiving to the New Year the individuality index plumbed new lows as the community as a whole turned towards a specific subset of scents. One common characteristic of this subset was they had a holiday theme as in Caron Nuit de Noel or they were uniformly characterized as classy, Chanel Egoiste is an example of this.
    That's the story on warm-weather vs. cold-weather and how we wear our scents based on the temperature outside.
    Back tomorrow with a look at the other end of the House spectrum as we look at two artisanal Houses in Ava Luxe and Neil Morris.
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    Default Re: SotY: Warm-Weather vs. Cold-Weather

    Very interesting, SMM!

    Two things surprised me about this. First, in my wardrobe I have many more options for cold weather than warm weather (then again, it rarely gets very cold in the winter where I live, but it gets incredibly hot in the summer). At any rate, I always feel my fragrance choices contract during warm weather.

    Second, while I love vetiver in summer, I'm surprised that Encre Noire is a summer scent among basenoters. To me, EN is a cold-weather vetiver. I'd think it would be completely overwhelming in summer. Then again, maybe I should give it a try when the weather gets hot!

    Thanks as always for this series!
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    Default Re: SotY: Warm-Weather vs. Cold-Weather

    I just love this stuff. To see stats on vetiver use bears out my feeling about the stuff--that it's best in the summer. I used to think it was my prejudgment of the scent and the weather, but clearly it feels that way to other basenoters too.
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    Default Re: SotY: Warm-Weather vs. Cold-Weather

    This is really great stuff, SMM. It's amazing how much we've learned from your project. You truly brought science to Basenotes. I'm looking forward very much to the next report!
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    Default Re: SotY: Warm-Weather vs. Cold-Weather

    Great work, SMM!

    Are you planning to give us top ten (or twenty) lists for both warm-weather and cold-weather scents?

    I'd like to see how they compare.
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    Default Re: SotY: Warm-Weather vs. Cold-Weather

    Quote Originally Posted by TwoRoads View Post
    Great work, SMM!

    Are you planning to give us top ten (or twenty) lists for both warm-weather and cold-weather scents?

    I'd like to see how they compare.
    I wasn't planning to do it but beacuse you asked I'll give you a comparison of the top 10 over the two halves of the year.
    The reason i didn't include it as you'll see the top 10 and even the top 20 aren't very illuminating to the differences other than some positional shifts.
    It took me doing some digging into the group from 30-100 to really notice the big changes as especially the vetiver scents really disappeared over the last half of the year.
    Anyway as you requested:
    Top 10 scents for March-August /Top 10 Scents for September-February
    1.) Terre D'Hermes/Guerlain Vetiver
    2.) Guerlain Vetiver/Dior Homme
    3.) Green Irish Tweed/Bois du Portugal
    4.) Rive Gauche PH/Habit Rouge
    5.) Jicky/Terre D'Hermes
    6.) Habit Rouge/Rive Gauche PH
    7.) L'Air du Desert Marocain/L'Air du Desert Marocain
    8.) Dior Homme/Burberry London FM
    9.) Bois du Portugal/Chergui
    10.) Hinoki&Kouros/Jicky

    So you can see that Green Irish Tweed, Hinoki and Kouros disappeared in the winter to be replaced by Burberry London and Chergui. I would say that that switch of scents is a good example of the point I was trying to make. Also the jump of Dior Homme, BdP, and Habit Rouge from the bottom half to the top half is another good sign of the differences, too.
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