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    Here is a question I never really gave any thought to. After picking up a bottle of Rose 31 today, they put a Fresh until 4/27/2010, which made me think about something. I usually prefer to buy 100mL bottles for size and display purposes. I really dont think I would ever get through 100mL's in one year due to the amount of other colognes I currently have.

    Now im sure its not like milk where it will go sour, but im sure lose some of its strength. What size bottles of colognes do most of you all buy and is there any reason for it?

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    Honestly, I wouldn't worry about the Le labo label, I'm not sure why they have the curious desire to label fragrances with use by dates, as know many people who say that there is no change after many years.

    Normally, I'll buy decants- but if I buy a bottle its a 100ml (or 120ml- the largest reasonable size anyway) just for the value.
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    The value from buying bigger bottles and the aesthetic quality makes them worth buying. I buy 100 ml bottles when I buy scents because it makes more sense to me. I think that date on the bottle is just to ensure no complaints if the scent changes a bit.

    But with a tiny bit of consciousness you can keep any scent safe of change. Don't worry about the scent being 'fresh' until that date as long as you take care of it.

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    Yeah I figured as much. Just wanted to get some opinions on what people buy bottle wise

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    I always aim for the bigger bottel due to the value
    its like paying 20% more for double the amount somtimes
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    I prefer 100mls or 125mls mainly for the cost effectiveness. and like-wise, for display aesthetics(for me bigger seems more presentable) honestly there are alot of frags out there that have been back-stocked for years that we are totally unaware of. not all retailers/brands/houses reveal much about manufacturing/used by dates to my limited knowledge, so i wouldnt really worry too much about it. just store it in the usual cool dry, away from the sun space and i doubt there will be much of a problem. then again, most of mine are mainstream and much less costly, so i can understand that if ure spending more, there ought to be some concerns naturally, well, its best for you to decide ")
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    I always buy the biggest bottle available if the price per 1ml is lower that way. This is usually the case, but a couple of times I've noticed that a smaller bottle has offered a better deal. I also often prefer a larger bottle because they are usually easier to handle and look nicer. Sometimes even the testers in the store look a bit small and when you keep in mind that in most cases the biggest bottle for sale will likely be smaller than the tester you can only imagine how small the smallest bottle must be.
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