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    Thumbs down Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranee as Body Shop Dewberry. Ugh!

    I am on the lookout for a new (or a few new LOL) summer frags and stopped by the closest perfume counter yesterday to sample some ideas.

    The SA shows me Hermes' Un Jardin En Mediterranee.... and at first I loved the citrus notes and thought it may be the one for this spring and summer. So I spritz my arm and go back to work. After 2 hours, I kid you not, 2.... TWO people asked me if I am wearing Body Shop Dewberry! Ugh.

    So scratch Hermes' Jardin En Mediterranee from the possibility. It's forever going to feel like a dupe for Dewberry. The worst part of it is that's all I can think of now when I smell the card I had spritz too.

    Don't you hate that when that happens..... good thing I hadn't already bought it.
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    Default Re: Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranee as Body Shop Dewberry. Ugh!

    Glad you did not buy it on the spot.

    It's a fabulous idea *not* to buy after just a sniff at the counter (although I'm pretty sure 90% of fragrances are bought this way. I bought a fragrance that way for my husband, and now I cannot stand it!)

    I need at least 2 full day wears before I know it's "the one."

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