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    Default Help me make up my mind.

    Hi, I'm debating which my next purchase should be. Summer is right around the corner this summer and I am trying to decide whether I want to buy M7 or The Dreamer. I know eventually I'll own both but as of now I cant decide on which to get. I've heard really good reviews about both of them.

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    M7 hands down. The Dreamer has passed it's prime.

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    the dreamer

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    Both are fine fragrances, though very different - and neither would be good to buy blind. My only words of caution would be to mention that neither fragrance is particularly a 'summer' fragrance. The Dreamer more so than M7, but both are fairly heavy. Perhaps something like M7 Fresh or Oud 27 would be better for summer.

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    Thats true. I recently tried John Varvatos Artisan at Holt Renfrew and I really liked. Seems to me like a perfect new summer fragrance. Have you guys tried it?

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