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    Default Flakes in the jus?

    I have had a couple of instances where flakes developed in bottles of fragrance, similar to those balls you shake and snow comes down, but not near that thick. One was an original bottle of Lalique,and fresh; the other was a very large decant, about 1 oz.of Lonestar Memories. In both instances, the jus smelled wonderful and the sources were impeccable. Any thoughts?
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    Default Re: Flakes in the jus?

    Could just be percipitates from the cologne. I have one that did the same thing but never effected the quality.

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    Default Re: Flakes in the jus?

    My bottle of Santal Noble (new bottle - not the vintage cut glass bottle) has several tiny brown specks floating in it. The specks look almost like small pieces of tobacco filler from a cigarette. The juice smells fantastic though. My guess is that it is maybe a part of a natural ingredient?
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    Default Re: Flakes in the jus?

    My bottle of Ambre Sultan (export w/ spray) has the same thing going on; my guess is that they are dead skin cells or dust from when I would take the spray nozzle off and rub the tube on my neck. I found this application method safer than spraying (sometimes arbitrarily) my neck and missing the desired target. Still, I do not think it has affected my juice at all, but its only been two years.

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    Default Re: Flakes in the jus?

    Gucci Envy does this well in my case.

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    Default Re: Flakes in the jus?

    My Lalique Equus is full of them. Smells fine.
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    Default Re: Flakes in the jus?

    I have the same thing going on with my bottle of CB I Hate Perfume: Mr Hulot's Holiday. Though a bunch of those CB formulations already look kinda weird when you see them in the store. No effect on this fine fragrance whatsoever though!

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    Default Re: Flakes in the jus?

    I have several bottles with a small amount of flakes floating in them, but yesterday I received a bottle of YSL's M7 Fresh and it has one much larger brown flake floating near the bottom. By big I mean about 1 or 2mm long.

    At first I was horrified, but then I decided that it's probably nothing to worry about. I doubt it could be dirt that got into the bottle during storage, because it's way too big to get in there afterwards. I also doubt it's dirt that was in the bottle when the bottle was filled at some factory, because I'd expect every bottle to be super clean when filled. A likely explanation could be that these flakes are remnants of the natural ingredients used in the making of the "juice" like TheAttorney said earlier.

    All of the bottles with these small flakes smell fine to me, so there doesn't seem to be any reason to be concerned.
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    Default Re: Flakes in the jus?

    my bottle of PDN NY has this white residue settled in bottom of the bottle. once tilted it forms this white cloud, moving slowly. i showed this to my dad (who is a reputed scientist in the field of Chemistry with 5 US patents and 10+ Europens patent under his belt and a career spanning 40+ years). his immediate comment was, eithercertain compounds got precipitated (like isaacrn mentioned) OR the filtration was'nt done properly.
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