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    Default Baldessarini thoughts?

    I read about it (Luca Turin), sampled it, and seem to like it. The description that Turin gives is mildly amusing - but wanted to know if anyone out there has it or likes it or what?


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    Default Re: Baldessarini thoughts?

    It's pretty good - a light tobacco cologne, but it's very light and doesn't last long. I'd love to try the concentrate version, but I've never seen it anywhere.

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    Default Re: Baldessarini thoughts?

    i have both the Edc and the Concentrate. i got the concentrate first (wore it for my engagement & wedding).

    the Edc is is by no means light. it's a very dress type scent. i cant imagine pulling it off on a jeans+t-shirt...strictly formal wear or evening out with a date types. in other words very gentleman like scent. it's said to have the smell of "living patchouli flower" i have never sniffed "LPF" but maybe thts the distinct note in it along with light touch of tobacco.

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    Default Re: Baldessarini thoughts?

    I have the Concentree version which I really like and get good longevity from.
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    Default Re: Baldessarini thoughts?

    I've owned both at different times, and they never really did too much for me... I'm a sucker for tobacco notes and the two were a bit too astringent for my taste. I can see how people would wear them at a wedding because they have a tendency to be a bit too "formal" for everyday wear. They are both marvelous fragrances but like I said my skin doesn't care for them at all
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    Default Re: Baldessarini thoughts?

    The mint, pine, and tobacco create an anise-like quality, but without that piercing sharpness that causes me to avoid any frag with large amounts of anise/licorice. I've been experimenting with it, and I have to go back and sample it by itself one of these days to see what the longevity is like, but for what it's selling for, I'd say it's a must have for an aficionado. I have more than one bottle, since the price is so low I couldn't resist.
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    Default Re: Baldessarini thoughts?

    What Baldessarini is this talk about? Strictly Private? if so, I can talk about it, haha
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    Default Re: Baldessarini thoughts?

    Thanks all for your input. Such great description and use of language - I need to work on that. Anyway, I think a bottle is in my future.

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    Default Re: Baldessarini thoughts?

    I do like this first offering by the Baldessarini. It is really nice to have a modern mature fragrance. Its seems sort of old school and yet modern. Hard to describe, but I do enjoy my large sample vial. I am happy that the mint is not too much in it, but enough to give an aftershave like cooling vibe ( to me). I also get some orange peels in the top. As well, I do love tobacco notes and that is noticeable in the dry down. This fragrance makes the wearer feel as though they are meant to be taken seriously.

    And I still have not purchased a full bottle. A fragrance shop in my town has this for $80 in the concentree version, but I am doubtful I will wear it very often. Maybe once or twice a month ? I am a very casual dresser and rarely dress up....always in jeans.

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    Default Re: Baldessarini thoughts?

    I like it a lot. It somewhat smells like fresh clean dollar bills. Not kidding. Longevity is average at best but the smell is amazing.
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    Default Re: Baldessarini thoughts?

    Not that I'm suggesting it but I suspect if polled Baldy would be the hands down favorite from Boss. I like a few of theirs but think of them all as casual fragrances. Very casual fragrances. Now that's not to say I find Baldessarini stuffy or formal and like it for jeans and t-shirts's at home with a three piece and collar stays as well. Can't say that about any of the other Boss bottles I like.

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    Default Re: Baldessarini thoughts?

    Turin calls it woody fruity. He left off a third word in his description: banal.
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    Default Re: Baldessarini thoughts?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ruggles View Post
    Turin calls it woody fruity. He left off a third word in his description: banal.
    nay, Turin left out two words- non banal.

    Baldessarini has a special place in my heart and really opens up my eyes as to what Hugo Boss can accomplish for perfume if they really set their sight high.
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    Default Re: Baldessarini thoughts?

    What I find unique about it is that the three main notes have a tendency to dominate, yet here they don't. You can detect them all individually, but then at times they seem to blend together. I call this "three dimensional dynamism."
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