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    Question Parfumerie Generale: Your opinions please

    I'd like to start exploring this line. I'm particularly intrigued by the notes and the description of Harmatan Noir 11. Is it truly a "desert wind" scent as described? Unfortunately, I tried but don't think so about SL Chergui. Taur's L'Air is great in that sense, however. So what's your take on HN?

    Also, I'd like to hear your recommendations on other PG selections that you consider unisex and/or masculine. Nothing highly floral.
    Thank you!
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    Default Re: Parfumerie Generale: Your opinions please

    Here are a couple great old threads that would be a good place to get some info. I agree with many that it's a pretty fantastic line - I intend to add a couple more to my collection at some point. My current favorite (and only one I own) is Cozé, a kick ass leathery patchouli chocolatey thing.

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    Default Re: Parfumerie Generale: Your opinions please

    jrd4t beat me to it. The first thread he highlighted is a pretty comprehensive discussion of most of the scents in the line as you work through all of the replies. If you're looking to start its a good place.
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    Default Re: Parfumerie Generale: Your opinions please

    I have yet to be disappointed by any of the scents I've tried from PG. L'eau Guerriere is one of my absolute favourites for warmer weather, and Coze and Cedar Sandaraque are amazing

    Goooo, try them out, it's worth it

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    Default Re: Parfumerie Generale: Your opinions please

    Harmatan Noir is nothing like L'Air, if you're looking for that sort of a comparison. It's a minty herbaly airy tea based scent... I don't exactly remember it's notes as i've run out of my decant long ago.

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    Default Re: Parfumerie Generale: Your opinions please

    People were loving Cadjmere on here a while back . Ive only tried Un Crime Exotique and think its fantastic stuff

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    Default Re: Parfumerie Generale: Your opinions please

    I also really enjoyed L'eau Guerriere. Other than that, the rest were nice but just didn't do much for me.

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    Default Re: Parfumerie Generale: Your opinions please

    Overall very high quality fragrances - there tends to be a gourmand/vanillic quality in many of them. With me I tend to be love/hate with PGs. The ones I like, I like a LOT, the ones I don't like really turn me off quite a bit and I can't stand them. I'd describe the style as 'classic French perfumery with a modern twist'. Very full compositions, but often something weird in them, too.

    Harmatan Noir is one I'm not very fond of, and it's not like Chergui, it's more of a 'green' fragrance.

    If you like gourmands, try Felanilla, Cadjmere, Coze, and Aomassai. For leather try Cuir d'Iris. For amber/incense try L'Oiseau d'Nuit and L'Ombre Fauve. For florals try Drama Nuui, Brulure de Rose, and Ether de Lilas.

    Although not like Chergui, the 'dusty' PG would probably be Bois Blond, which is a woody/grainy fragrance, though the topnotes are very...well....'weird'.

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    Default Re: Parfumerie Generale: Your opinions please

    Living down the street from his store, I've had the chance to try most of them. The new Felanilla is quite nice, but I couldn't see getting a full bottle. I do have L'Ombre Fauve, which is my favorite, and L'eau Guerriere, which is a very calming fragrance, somewhat contrary to how it is marketed!

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    Default Re: Parfumerie Generale: Your opinions please

    Corps et Ames is a nice one. it may give you tht desert wind feel you are lookign for (from this line)

    L'Ombre Fuave is a classic from this line.. fruity in the opening notes...but it;s get's woodier and a breath of patchouli adds to the eerieness in the softest sense possible..magical is the word for this one.

    HN is fruity init's openign mids it mellows down to a nice earthy smell....nice one.
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    Default Re: Parfumerie Generale: Your opinions please

    Being a lover of both gourmands and incense scents I have to say that Aomassai is one of the most beautiful scents ever crafted. It starts out like buttery toffee. You can almost taste it it's so delicious. Then the butter feeling wears off and you are left with the toffee and some nice light woods. Then after the toffee dies you are left with almost a semi dry coco and dark sweet incense. Sad thing it is lasted about 1 hour max on me. If it were in EDP form this would be my absolute favorite scent.
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