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    Default Clarifying the term "Citrus"

    I, for one, enjoy citrus-y scents. But what I have learned about my preferences is that when I say citrus, I really mean "lemony oriented." Throughout various posts, and reading replies and such, it seems that when one seeks citrus recommendations, the answers could be vastly different, but yet technically correct. Selection Verte might satisfy a desire for lemon, or Eau d'Orange Verte might be more orangey. For that same request, others might suggest Citrus Paradisi with a more grapefruit accord. And finally, technically speaking, I suppose even Montale's Aromatic Lime could fit the bill (but admittedly don't see that too often).

    So when you say citrus, or look for a citrus frag, what are you THINKING? One of the subcategories above, or could any of them fit the bill for you?

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    Default Re: Clarifying the term "Citrus"

    any one of them

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    Default Re: Clarifying the term "Citrus"

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    any one of them
    What he said.

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    Default Re: Clarifying the term "Citrus"

    Citrus fragrances can be derived from three components of the any member of the citrus family: the peel, leaf (pettigrain) and the blossom (neroli). From here, you have a myriad of different varieties of plants to replicate: sweet and sour limes and lemons, oranges from bitter bergamot to sweet Saville, Mandarins of all kinds, grapefruit, citron, etrog, yuzu, kumquat and other obscure plants.

    As you can see, there is an incredibly wide palette available, from the most bitter and biting to powerfully sweet; astringent to soft and warm; floral to completely absent any flower component. This citrus grower and fragrance lover encourages you to go out and try as many citrus scents that you can, and write down their notes. Soon you will develop some patterns of what accords work for you.
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    Default Re: Clarifying the term "Citrus"

    Yup - all and any. When I think Citrus my mind goes to Acqua de Parma Colonia and Divine Bergamote etc .

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    Default Re: Clarifying the term "Citrus"

    citrus to me can mean lemon, grapefruit, orange pretty are the three main ctirus flavors I would expect from a citrus frag

    and the way you can pull it off is pretty vast
    Live Jazz for example is one of the freshest orange citrus smells Ive come across
    then again thats not much
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