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    Default Summer

    I couldn't find a summer frag for myself....
    I tried out:
    Azzaro Chrome
    Issey Miakey Intense
    CK One Summer 09
    Givenchy Blue Label
    Dior Homme Sport
    Prada Infusion
    Chanel Allure Homme Sport
    Creed Virgin Island Water
    Creed Green Irish Tweed
    But I couldn't say that I really love any of these frags and so I want you to tell me about your favourite summer scents...
    Maybe there is no summer scent for me?
    Normally I love heavy oriental-woody scents....are there any oriental-woody summer scents?
    Is it possible to wear frags like Gucci Envy and Gucci PH on very hot days?
    Post Scriptum: Sorry for my bad english
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    Default Re: Summer

    My favourite summer/hot weather scents:

    - YSL L'Homme
    - Clinique Happy For Men
    - Versace PH
    - Bulgari Aqua
    - Davidoff Silver Shadow Altitude
    - Hermes Concentrée D'Orange Verte
    - Davidoff Cool Water
    - L'Eau D'Issey pour Homme
    - Paco Rabanne XS Pour Homme
    - Prada Infusion D'Homme
    - Chanel Platinum Egoiste

    These are some of my favourites for summer/hot weather. I live in a hot humid climate all year round so most of the frags i own are of the fresh/aquatic type. Out of the list i highly recommend Bulgari Aqua, Platinum Egoiste and Silver Shadow Altitude. But don't get me wrong, the rest on the list are very good too.

    Gucci PH and Envy should be fine in hot weather. I wear them quite often in 32 Celsius weather. I don't believe in the whole winter/summer frag thing. If i did then i think i would have to get rid of half of my wardrobe because there's only one season in my country. Just wear what u like whenever u want.

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    Default Re: Summer

    I think you should give the fresh versions (fraicheur) of your beloved wood-orientals a try, many of the sweet wood-orientals have their lighter versions for the summer, you might end-up liking that.

    I live in a tropical country, but I hate aquatic scents so much so it's harder for me to find a fragrance that suitable for my weather. Of all the scents you listed I only can stand Chrome because it's similar to my beloved CKOne. I think you should also go with scents that classified Wood Acromatic, they're not fresh in the way aquatics - Issey Miakey like - are and not too heavy to wear in summer like Oriental Wood scents.
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    Default Re: Summer

    YSL - Live Jazz
    Gier Ness - Geir
    AdP - Colonia (and Colonia Assoulta)

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    Default Re: Summer

    I don't believe in the whole winter/summer frag thing.
    That is exactly what I wanted to hear

    Thank you for your tips...I think I'm going to give Hermes Concentrée D'Orange Verte and Geir Ness a try...maybe I also should give the EdT version of Guerlain L'Instant a second chance

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    Default Re: Summer

    There are no clear answers to when you should wear a fragrance, but there are widely accepted standards for the situation in which a fragrance is best suited. However, I like to think -- to each his own.

    Summer reminds me of warmth, sunlight, and outdoors. So, I wear a fragrance that makes me feel good in the warm sunlight of the outdoors. You try it and see what fits into your idea of what the essence of summer is to you.

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    Default Re: Summer

    If you like oriental/woody fragrances, go with that for summer, just go for ones that aren't sweet. Sweet notes tend to go overpowering in the heat.

    Explore some vetiver scents. Wicozani has a really great thread on vetiver scents somewhere...
    - E.J.

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    Default Re: Summer

    A fragrance that fit into my idea of the essence of summer...a great post EnvYuS
    You give me the picture of a scent that tells a story...

    @ I already tought about testing some vetiver!!I will looking for the thread of Wicozani...assumedly I'm going to start with testing Guerlains Vetiver....I already have tested Creeds Original Vetiver but I found it horrible

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    Default Re: Summer

    My summer rotation right now is:
    Polo Blue
    Polo Black
    Ed Hardy Love and Luck
    Emporio Armani Diamonds
    Diesel Fuel for Life
    Adidas Moves
    Chrome Legend
    Versace Man Eau Fraiche
    Cacharel Amor
    One thats underrated IMO is the Cacharel. Pretty subtle but perfect for a summer night. And actually my favorite to wear during the day is actually Adidas Moves. On me it develops really nicely and my body heat really makes it project.

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    Default Re: Summer

    Quote Originally Posted by Irresistible View Post
    @ I already tought about testing some vetiver!!I will looking for the thread of Wicozani...assumedly I'm going to start with testing Guerlains Vetiver....I already have tested Creeds Original Vetiver but I found it horrible
    Found it for you...

    It's a good read.
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    - E.J.

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    Default Re: Summer

    Try the new John Varvatos Artisan.

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