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    Default Cade/Juniper Scent

    I am a big fan of the L'Occitane Cade shaving cream and aftershave balm. Its suppose to be a Juniper type of scent. If any of you have smelled it and can recommend something along those lines in a cologe I would really appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Cade/Juniper Scent

    They make Cade as a cologne, too.

    Oh, AND as a shaving soap - hands down one of the best shaving soaps out there.
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    Default Re: Cade/Juniper Scent

    I havent seen the Cade cologne on the website anymore

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    Default Re: Cade/Juniper Scent

    That's odd... I saw it in a store a year, maybe two years ago. I can't believe they discontinued that one. Hmmmm...
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    Default Re: Cade/Juniper Scent

    I will check the store next time I go to the mall.
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    Default Re: Cade/Juniper Scent

    Side note - from reading the notes listed here, you might look for a sample of Creed's Baie de Genievre - supposed to be juniper and cinnamon.
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    Default Re: Cade/Juniper Scent

    It doesn't smell too much like Cade, but Hermes Rocabar has a pretty strong juniper note.

    I haven't seen a bottle of Cade in a L'Occitane store for a while. It's not on their website either. And yet L'Occitane discontinues another good fragrance?
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    Default Re: Cade/Juniper Scent

    L'Homme de Coeur is an iris scent with a wonderful juniper note, esp in the opening. Might be worth a try.

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    Default Re: Cade/Juniper Scent

    To my nose (if I remember correctly) Cade had a lot in common with Green Irish Tweed, and Coolwater.
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    Default Re: Cade/Juniper Scent

    I know that they still sell Cade aftershave but have not seen the cologne for a long time. It is an awesoome scent--the driest, crispest juniper wood out there. Baie de Genievre is juniper berries and has a different feel than the wood of a juniper. Great frag as well! I am not one for layering, but I once wore Cade aftershave and Cuiron cologne and I must say, it was a good combo.

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    Default Re: Cade/Juniper Scent

    L'Occitane Cade is a great a/s that last about 30 minutes on me. I bought a back-up recently. It's still in the L'Occitane stores I frequent.
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    Default Re: Cade/Juniper Scent

    It is in their stores and on their website but it doesn't come under fragrances, it comes under shaving products.

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    Default Re: Cade/Juniper Scent

    There is a Cade as but no longer an Edt. Although not exactly like Cade, Tiffany for Men Sport is a juniper laden scent. Ignore the 'sport' name its not a mindless aquatic.

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    Default Re: Cade/Juniper Scent

    I've never seen a Cade EDT at any L'Occitane store. I always thought it smelled slightly similar to Baie de Geneivre or Black Mark

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    Default Re: Cade/Juniper Scent

    Thats a link to the L'Occitane website page for Cade Aftershave Splash

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