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    Default My first swap on mua

    I'm new to mua, following the darkdreams' advice. After purchasing blind my l'Heure Bleue I was so disappointed, I didn't like it at all. So I created a swap list with others fragrances that I can't use since my pregnancy. I didn't know about mua and I've sent my sister all my perfumes, except a few classics, hoping that I will use them, but no, my hormones are still jacked up (So, my warderobe is in construction now)

    I've found a girl who was looking for Chanel no.5 edp and in return she had for swap Mitsouko edp 2.5 full, the old yellow/golden box with stripes. I've said to my self that I won't use my chanel no.5 anyway (the bottle was 90% full) and an extra bottle of Mitsouko won't hurt me. Without thinking twice, I swapped with her and today I recieved my beloved Mitsouko + a couple of 5 ml spray samples (Apres l'Ondee, Figue-Iris).

    Immediately I've noticed the differences between the bottles. The boxes are different obviously, my Mitsouko has the new plain gold box. On one side of the old box it says - Copywright Guerlain 1996 and on the bottom is a number: 4C01. The liquid too - the one in the old box is darker and from the cap smells stronger. Applied on the skin, it's rounder, richer, creamier. I use almost everyday my (new) Mitsouko and I can tell this one is ... different!! It's still Mitsouko but with the "volume" and "equalizer" changed. Could be a bottle before the latest reformulation??

    Picture below:

    PS - Same darkdreams told me to give L'Heure Bleue another chance and I did, I fell in love with it. It's not on my swap list anymore.
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    Default Re: My first swap on mua

    And the list of ingredients: only "alcohol, fragrance, water".
    I'm sorry if this is another Mitsouko thread for you.
    Thank you.
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    Default Re: My first swap on mua

    Do you have a clear preference between the two versions, senZuality?

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    Default Re: My first swap on mua

    Oh, I love them both. The new one seems to me more woody, with more vetiver than the old one. I think I will wear the old one in the evening. Since I discovered Mitsouko (edp), I'm addicted to it. I can't wear something else with the same confidence. My husband didn't like it and now he loves it. Two days ago he told me I smell wonderful. It's a huge compliment because he thinks I have a weird taste concerning perfumes. Well... I feel somehow stuck with my love for Mitsouko. I don't know where to go with my exploration in the big world of perfumery. I love Guerlain, that's for sure. I'm attracted to chypres, leather and orientals (Shalimar is the icon in my humble warderobe) and I'm tented to introduce myself to the aoud family (Black Aoud is calling my name )
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