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    Question Guerlain Exclusives - Please Help!

    Dear Guerlainistas,

    So far I've only tried the "mainstream" Guerlain fragrances.. Vetiver, L'Instant PH, Heritage, Habit Rouge, etc. Nice fragrances, though I don't have the same appreciation for them as others do.

    First I'd like to test them. Can anybody please lead me to the top 3 or 4 of the "masculine" fragrances from this line, keeping in mind that I'm not a big fan of fairly simple citrus fragrances or potent florals?


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    Default Re: Guerlain Exclusives - Please Help!

    Derby is in my top three ever.

    Vol de Nuit at the top of my wishlist.

    Mitsouko (I am not too fond of the edt) is also great and a must-try.
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    Default Re: Guerlain Exclusives - Please Help!

    Making sure I understand you. You did test those Guerlains you listed above, right? Since you said you didn't really have an appreciation for them?

    If so, and you are looking for other suggestions other than the ones you listed, I would say try: Derby, Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca, Habit Rouge Eau de Cologne (not the EdT), Vetiver Eau de Cologne (not the EdT) and Mitsouko Eau de Toilette (I know...I's a feminine...but just SMELL IT). If you are stubbornly against testing a feminine scent, then replace my Mitsouko recommendation with Aqua Allegoria Pampelune.
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    Default Re: Guerlain Exclusives - Please Help!

    I would also recommend trying Aqua Allegoria Winter Delice and Coriolan.
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    Default Re: Guerlain Exclusives - Please Help!

    Some I would recommend trying are Vol de Nuit, Coriolan, L'Heure Bleue, Mouchoir de Monsieur and Parure. All these except Coriolan have a typical Guerlainesque base, however.
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    Default Re: Guerlain Exclusives - Please Help!

    Thanks folks -

    Are these all exclusive to the Paris boutique? The reason I ask - I saw this:

    And was wondering if this is even more exclusive than some of the fragrances mentioned. However, I've made my list and will be checking these out!

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    Default Re: Guerlain Exclusives - Please Help!

    They can be found at non-Paris Guerlain boutiques (i.e. Toronto has one) and select department stores (i.e. San Fran Saks, Bergdorfs in NYC). TPC has samples.

    As you've probably already figured out, most Guerlains are feminine-marketed, but many of them are not particularly feminine (especially the older ones), and even those that are a tad feminine are of such high quality it really shouldn't matter (i.e. Parure).

    I concur the suggestions above, but to reiterate with my own:

    Mouchoir de Monsieur and/or Jicky
    Oriental Brulent
    Sous le Vent
    Vetiver Pour Elle (esp if you like the normal Vetiver, this one is great)

    Although citrus, Philtre d'Amour is NOT simple, and although florals Liu and Vega are wonderful classics.

    Have fun!

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    Default Re: Guerlain Exclusives - Please Help!

    Mouchoir de Monsieur
    Bois d'Armenie
    Cuir Beluga
    Cologne du 68

    Some of these are unisex - there aren't too many masculine-marketed fragrances, but who cares?

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    Default Re: Guerlain Exclusives - Please Help!

    Vetiver Pour Elle!!!!
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    Default Re: Guerlain Exclusives - Please Help!

    Here's a pretty cool video about their amazing shop. Found it while searching for some L'Homme info.
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