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    Default Re: Which is the best ROSE fragrance (for men or unisex)?

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    I should mention also, I made the mistake of getting a sample of FM's Portrait of a Lady. Best smelling stuff I've EVER smelled in the way of Roses.
    There you have it. Forget about Rose 31, CS88, Homage or whatever. Best "true" rose i've ever smelled too.

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    Default Re: Which is the best ROSE fragrance (for men or unisex)?

    I've been on a quest for good rose frags for a while now, but that path was paved with many disappointments. Caraceni's 1913 smells abrasively synthetic and tedious to me, Black Aoud is bombastic, ill-mannered and pretentious, Voleur de Roses has a rotten dampness which to me completely spoils it, C&S 88 is not uninteresting but the rose smells unnatural and the whole composition appears contorted and forced somehow like a beautiful girl that insists on being a goth. Creed's Fleur de The Rose Bulgarie is nice but is old-ladyish, Penhaligon's Elixir is a virtual clone of Rosine's Twill Rose which is to say boring, synthetic and full of irritating ISO-E Super laden cedar. There are others I am probably forgetting but in short I was disappointed by most rose fragrances that I've tried. There are some, however, which I liked enough to get:

    Amouage Homage (if you get a good, "rosy" batch) - sunny and airy blend of rose, frankincense, jasmine, oud and sandalwood, the opening is stunningly beautiful
    Montale Highness Rose - best Rose de Mai fragrance, pure, innoncent, sublimely beautiful, can be layered with sandalwood or oud with great success
    Creed Windsor (particularly the 2009 version, but the 2010 is nice too) - best "Western perfume" with a clean, dewy rose supported by the cleanest cedar note I've ever come across
    Arabian Oud King Fahed attar - simple but genius blend of rose, oud, musk and patchouli, with all the elements perfectly balanced by others and singing in unison in a complete state of equilibrium.

    I've also acquired some pure rose essential oils - some Taif'i, Kashmiri and Rosa Alba as a benchmark to compare the rose-based fragrances to. While I am not manly enough to wear the pure rose by itself, I like to add a dab or two as a layer with other fragrances, they accentuate the rose aspect of whatever frag I am wearing and moderate the other notes. It's amazing how different the various types of rose smell and how each seems to fit a different mood, the Taif'i is good for quiet, meditative moments, the Kashmiri is opulent, festive and jovial and Rosa Alba is sensuous, almost lusty. In Arabic countries pure rose is considered a masculine fragrance (as it was at some point in the West), I just hope that this sentiment will return to the West at some point - it's a shame that such a beautiful scent is not discovered by overwhelming majority of men here.

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    Default Re: Which is the best ROSE fragrance (for men or unisex)?

    very useful info in this thread.

    I'm a guy that is looking for a rose scent. I really like le labo rose 31 but seem to have an allergic reaction to it. I hated C&S 88. Is there another rose that would be recommended for someone who likes and wants something similar to rose 31?


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    Default Re: Which is the best ROSE fragrance (for men or unisex)?

    Le Labo- Rose 31

    About to hop on over to Luckyscent myself to sample Penhaligons Hamman Bouquet.
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