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    Default Oil/Wax-based scents

    So I was dabbing on some CB I Hate Perfume Black Tea Accord, an oil-based absolute, and realized something as I was swooning happily: I seem to greatly prefer oil and wax-based fragrances to water/alcohol-based fragrances.

    My comparative data points are:

    - CB I Hate Perfume Tea/Rose in water perfume versus oil-based perfume absolute. (It is oil-based, right? It's not glycerine or something else that's oil-slick?)
    - Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange in perfume versus wax-based solid.
    - Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint in cologne versus bath oil.
    - ElizabethW Rose in EDP versus bath oil.
    - ElizabethW Sweet Tea in EDP versus bath oil.

    For all of these, I like the oil/wax-based version _much_ better than the other version.

    And then there are several other CB I Hate Perfume scents that I have in the itty bitty 2ml oil-based vials, that I like better than most of my alcohol-based perfumes.

    I realize that this is a very limited data set, and that bath oil isn't exactly the same as oil-based perfume, but I still found it interesting. Does anyone else also have this preference?


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    Default Re: Oil/Wax-based scents

    I have many scents in concrete form, Yves Rocher, Fragonard, Galimard, and the longevity is amazing. Even the YR Lilas pur scent lasted all night long, then into the next day.
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    Default Re: Oil/Wax-based scents

    I used to wear "hippie" oils for many years. They blend better with lotions, too--I sometimes put a few drops into a squirt of lotion, rub it together with my hands to blend, then apply. Longevity and sillage vary greatly depending on what the content is. I had a spice and floral blend of EO's that lasted maybe 4 hours and had great sillage, for example.

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    Default Re: Oil/Wax-based scents

    I'm wondering why concretes are so hard to find in the UK? I understand they are a popular form in the US? How about the rest of the world -- and why not us, here?
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    Default Re: Oil/Wax-based scents

    Well, in the UK you've still got Yves Rocher, Lush (I love their Flying Fox temple balm as a perfume - good jasmine), and Crazy Libellule and the Poppies (try HQ if you can't find a bricks and mortar stockist).

    Thinking about it, yes, I rather like solids, too. I'm never sure of their longevity though.
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    Default Re: Oil/Wax-based scents

    Thanks, Wordie.

    As a child, I used to covet my stepmother's solid 'Charlie' scent. It came in a metal pendant with a chunky chain, in the shape of an apple. I thought it was fab! I also recall Avon doing solids in the 70s, I believe.
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