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    Default Displaying a Perfume - Mother's Day gift related

    Hello ladies,

    I hope this is okay to post here. I'm not sure if Off Topic gets enough attention and since it's mother's day related I figure I'd post here. I'm trying to come up with a way to display a perfume with its vintage advertisement in a frame or something to be hung on a wall.

    My mother loves Audrey Hepburn and I had gotten her a Spring Flowers bottle for Christmas two years ago. I felt kinda bummed about it because of Creed's reputation etc but I'm not here to debate that. I wanted to "make up" for a historic-style gift I thought I was giving. I'd like to give my mother a framed picture of Audrey Hepburn in a vintage (1963) Givenchy L'Interdit ad from a magazine. I can frame it myself but I really want a way to have a sample or bottle be displayed nearby. Mother doesn't like knick-knacks about but she loves hanging pictures and has several of the beautiful Audrey.

    How would you like a display with perfume in your room? I was thinking of a few options but am not satisfied with anything. I have 3 L'Interdit 1ml vial samples: vintage EdP, parfum and the re-issue L'Interdit from TPC. I might get bigger ones or even an actual bottle later if mother likes the perfume! She's smelled it but in stealth and seem seemed keen on it.

    I was going to do one of the following:

    1) Drill holes in the frame and put rubber stoppers to hold the samples at an angle right in the frame. This way you can pull them out and put them in after sniffing. This will render the frame useless for anything else and you will need a way to reach the frame to pull them out.

    2) Have a nice looking fabric pouch hanging from the frame. From the bottom or the top.

    3) Make a little tray to put onto the frame, kinda like a fireplace mantle piece.

    4) ??? this is where I'm stuck. Being a handy-man I wanted to drill holes but I have apprehensions about doing that.

    If nothing seems to work, just frame the ad and give the samples! Any ideas would be helpful.

    Here is the ad in question.

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    Default Re: Displaying a Perfume - Mother's Day gift related

    You could hang the picture and mount a sconce shelf under it for displaying the vintage bottle. Here's what I mean by a sconce shelf:

    They come in various styles and colors, so it'd probably be easy to find one that would complement the frame you have in mind.

    I love Audrey too and I think this is a very thoughtful gift.
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    Default Re: Displaying a Perfume - Mother's Day gift related

    I think it would be really cool if you could incorporate one of these into the bottom of the frame, with the bottle inside instead of the pig in the video.

    Not sure how it could be shrunk down though to avoid having an extremely deep frame. Perhaps it could be incorporated into the sconce idea? Just a thought.
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    Default Re: Displaying a Perfume - Mother's Day gift related

    It might be possible to find a shadow box frame, deep enough to place the bottle and samples in front of the image, ideally with a hinged door-like opening for the glass, or sliding glass, so you can access the contents. Something like this but slimmer, a little more elegant.

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    Default Re: Displaying a Perfume - Mother's Day gift related

    What a sweet idea!

    Riffing off of an_oud_girl's suggestion: what about a set of black candle sconces on either side? You could stand the vials inside a glass votive cup. Something like this or this or 70 other results on eB*y.

    Here's a photo sconce that might give you some other ideas to work with. Best of luck!

    (I also like Rakhee's idea -- a store such as HobbyLobby or Michael's often has some very nice shadowboxes.)
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    Default Re: Displaying a Perfume - Mother's Day gift related

    Ooooh! I like the sconce/shelf idea even more! Very classy, especially black in color because that's what her house is: beige and blacks (it's not as dreary as one might think!)

    I thought about a shadow box but my mother isn't the most mechanical. I just know she'd have a reluctantly to open it up. However, I I think I should get one for myself

    That hologram/mirror thing would freak her out!

    I'll look around at Michael's or Bed Bath and Beyond for some display shelving and a matching frame. I'm excited!

    Thanks for the suggestions

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