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    Default New Winter Fragrance

    Hi guys.

    I'm new here on Basenotes, and was wanting to get a new fragrance for the fast approaching winter (southern hemisphere). I want a casual everyday one that I can wear to school (I'm seventeen), but I don't want a light 'summerey' one (AdG, Cool Water e.t.c). I'm currently using Issey Miyake Bleue Fraiche, and have samplers for CK One, Euphoria, Obsession and Man. Any suggestions would be great.

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    Default Re: New Winter Fragrance

    Hey man, welcome

    If you can find a source for Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce, the ladies will love you indeed - especially because the scent hasn't yet made it to other countries. It's great for a younger guy, reminds me of spice cookies baking - far too popular here in the states but you'd be a unique, one of a kind smelling dude in the southern hemisphere. Might be worth the trouble of finding a reseller on the Internet willing to ship it to your country. Just don't share the secret with your friends - don't even tell them what it is or how you got it. This juice will be your very own chick magnet. Seriously. Check out a review below:|294%3A50
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    Default Re: New Winter Fragrance

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    You may want to try Chanel Allure Homme, Boss Bottled (no.6), Lacoste Pour Homme and John Varavatos

    Good Luck and let us know which fragrance you choose.
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    Default Re: New Winter Fragrance

    Armani Mania would be my suggestion to you. It's a woody/semi sweet scent that wears well in colder weather.

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    Default Re: New Winter Fragrance

    212 men or 212 sexy is good for winter 212 sexy smell like la male to my nose, it different then 212 men it very spicy and try it your self

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    Default Re: New Winter Fragrance

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    Some suggestions:

    Dirty English
    Hypnose Homme
    Diesel Fuel for Life pour Homme
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    Default Re: New Winter Fragrance

    Big ups on Lancome Hypnose and Varvatos. They will be my two mainstays next winter. Also maybe D&G The One. Dirty English as well. I bought a bottle recently, and it's been sitting here, waiting for a cool night to be used. Amazing scent IMO.
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    Default Re: New Winter Fragrance

    Welcome! I would add Lanvin Arpege Pour Homme. A warm scent, one would wear it comfortably in winter.

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    Default Re: New Winter Fragrance

    Michael for Men by Michael Kors is something you might want to check out. CK Man is perfect for casual wear in cooler weather.
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    Default Re: New Winter Fragrance

    You might like the following; they fit your age bracket, are great for colder weather and never fail to solicit compliments:

    Code - Armani
    Black XS - Paco Rabanne
    Le Male - Jean Paul Gaultier
    Style in Play - Lacoste

    Let us know how it goes!
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    Default Re: New Winter Fragrance

    I definitely agree with petruccijc about the B*Men suggestion. It will definitely be one I will reach for often in the colder months and this one has excellent sillage and longevity. Another one I would recommend is Burberry London but I think you should spray this one on the clothes since it can sometimes be fleeting on the skin.
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    Default Re: New Winter Fragrance

    Hi Hadleigh, some great suggestions already such as A*Men (coffee, lavender, patchouli and birch tar create a warm but modern barrier against the cold), B*Men (spicy and warm with a buried rhubarb note), and Lanvin Arpege Pour Homme (creamy vanilla and tonka bean with some luscious spices folded in), all warm and delicious. I don't know if they sell this where you are but another great one is Fresh Canabis Santal. Sweet patchouli nutmeg fragrance which smells fantastic in the cold.

    I'd also like to add Prada Amber Pour Homme. This one changes on me with the seasons. On a cold day, it takes on a pointed, crisp character that matches perfectly with the weather. It reminds me of walking through the streets of Manhattan in the winter when the air is so cold you can see your breath.
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    Default Re: New Winter Fragrance

    Hey guys, thanks for all the help so far. Today I went to a store to try some of these on card. I didn't really like the Chanel Allure, D&G Pour Homme, or the Armani Mania. The ones I did like were the Lancome Hypnose and the Lacoste Pour Homme. I can't get A*men, B*Men or Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce in New Zealand, but I've heard so many good things about them that I might just blind buy one online. From what I've read, the only downfall with Fierce is that it's so popular, which isn't a problem in my case.

    If I were to blind buy one of those three, which would be the best?


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    Default Re: New Winter Fragrance

    Quote Originally Posted by Hadleigh View Post

    If I were to blind buy one of those three, which would be the best?

    All of the suggestions posted here are great ones, yet I'm going to go with my original suggestion of Fierce. It's a pretty long lasting scent so you don't need to buy a big bottle, even 1oz will last you the entire winter. Jump the gun by a year or so. You'll like it, your girlfriends will like it, your friends will be envious. It'll be the advantage every guy your age wishes for.
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    Default Re: New Winter Fragrance

    Chanel Allure.

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    Default Re: New Winter Fragrance

    Perry Ellis M is my recommendation. As well, I think you may like Burberry Brit, although to me it does get a bit boring. It has a powdery/dusty feel to it. Sweet and a bit feminine, it seems to be a tribute to old school men's fragrances. By old school I mean pre-1970s. A third suggestion is Adidas Victory League.

    Good luck

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