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    Default Zara Vetiver / CdG Vettivéru

    I have had zero exposure to the Cdg Cologne series, but see Vettivéru gets a lot of good press here.

    I own a 200ml bottle of Zara Vetiver which is my "go to" scent that I wear when I want something low-key and refreshing.

    If anyone has tried BOTH the Zara and the CdG vetivers, could you perhaps advise if I would be wasting my $$ by purchasing the CdG as well? I generally like vetivers, but are there dramatic differences between these two that would help me rationalise owning both?

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    Default Re: Zara Vetiver / CdG Vettivéru

    I've tried both. The CdG has more of a citrus bite at the opening, and feels much woodier than the Zara, which I find more floral and light in comparison.
    I just resprayed them and there is a big enough difference to own both IMO. I was tempted by Vettiveru, but chose not to buy as I had the Zara and Guerlain. But I think I do still want it!
    Edit: would like to add that the Vetiver note in the CdG is nuttier than the others.
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    Default Re: Zara Vetiver / CdG Vettivéru

    I think they are pretty different. I actually wasn't so sure about the vetiver in Zara's Vetiver. It is a very sharp pointed fragrance to me (which I like) but I wasn't immediately reminded of vetiver per se. So I guess I'm saying that the Vettiveru smells more natural, cleaner, smoother, with a citrus sparkle that sort of reminds me of Sel de Vetiver. More "friendly and innocent" if I can say it that way. I'm not saying whether it would be a waste of money or not Just noting my observations

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    Default Re: Zara Vetiver / CdG Vettivéru

    I think they are similar in tone. Vettivéru in my opinion is much more dull but with more citrus... but an overall dull vetiver. Zara's is clean and refreshing like you say. While I like most of CdG's work, Vettivéru really bored me. Zara's Vetiver, however, I went out of my way to find some and I love it.

    But if you want a different vetiver but like Zara's refreshing quality, maybe Guerlain Vetiver Eau Glacee/Frozen?

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    Default Re: Zara Vetiver / CdG Vettivéru

    Thanks for the responses gents. I think I will do well to sample the Vettivéru before buying.

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