What do you think about new Chanel Cristalle Eau Verte?

Original Cristalle is hesperidic chypre fragrance. Eau Verte does not have the chypre feel. To my nose Eau Verte has little resemblance with the original Cristalle Edt but it has a lot of in common with Bel Respiro. I am sure that inspiration to create Eau Verte was Bel Respiro.
Bel Respiro and Eau Verte differs in the top notes. But on the skin the top notes fade very quickly and you smell the same powdery floral sweetness.
I have Cristalle Edt and Bel Respiro, but I don't need to have Eau Verte. Bel Respiro is greener, better made, more unisex and the feminine chanelish wibe is not so prominent in it.