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    Default Apologies to Yatagan

    I had parked Yatagan for several months, somehow I had an issue with longevity and sillage, also Yatagan was adding more dryness to my already dry skin. Not only that but my infatuation with Third Man and L Anarchiste put Yatagan in a difficult position.

    Today revisit it. Five generous sprays chest,neck and upper hands. As I type I am in pine/cedar smoky heaven. Very close to my skin loudness, just for my own pleasures. I look through the window and I see cloudy skies announcing imminent rain but I am safe with my Yatagam shield. I hope Yatagan can forgive me, this juice deserves all the respect it gets in here and more. Caron is magnificent, period. In a few days a new one will arrive Pour un homme and I am really looking forward to it.
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    Default Re: Apologies to Yatagan

    Yes, Basteri! Another unwilling convert is dragged kicking and screaming into the Temple of Yatagan. I had the same experience: horror at first sniff, incredulous regret during the first couple wearings, feeling of being stalked by huge angry celery, soil dangling from their hairy and profane roots, sold the bottle but kept waking up from Yatagan dreams, bought another bottle: further deja vu incredulity, rhythmic moist forehead-slapping sounds, but wait: what here? no celery, something else really interesting, in fact a forest, a sylvan suite, an animalic chamber music, more compulsive sniffing, followed this time by a helpless smile. I love this stuff.

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    Default Re: Apologies to Yatagan

    Good to hear Basteri!

    I think Yatagan is a fantastic fragrance. I also feel the same about The Third Man, L'Anarchiste and Caron pour un Homme (I hope you enjoy this one when it arrives). I also like the fact that these wonderful fragrances can be purchased for such reasonable/affordable prices.
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    Default Re: Apologies to Yatagan

    Yatagan is one that takes some getting used to for some people, though many people never get used to it. It's tied with Equipage as my all-time favorite men's fragrance.

    As for Pour Un Homme, if you love lavender, you'll be in heaven when the bottle arrives. It's the best lavender fragrance in the world, hands down.

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    Default Re: Apologies to Yatagan

    Bought this one blind based on reviews here and it was love at first sniff! Getting ready to order my 3rd 125ml bottle! My S.O. loves it as well and wears it every day, so we run out pretty often.

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