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    Default Tom Ford Private Blends: Moss Breches, Amber Absolute, Tuscan Leather & Noir de Noir

    I got a chance to sample these four offerings from the Tom Ford Prive line today. overall, i felt good about them. each scent had the quality and theme to go with. However, some scents strongly reminded me of other scents, so in that perspective, i didnt smell something entirely new, but then, i found the quality of TF offerings excellent. My 2 cents on always, kindly bear with me

    Tuscan Leather: if there is any scent..and i mean any scent, which can compete with Knize 10, it's Tom Fords Tuscan Leather. straight out of spritzer, it has leather written all over it. With Knize ten, i always had this image of spanking new leather product, polished, toned and finished to perfection, at the same time, i used to get this vibe which is very green. With Tuscan Leather, i dont get any green notes. if i had to set a color to represent tuscan leather, it has to be deep brown. i get the smell of a newly tanned leather sheet. it's supple and soft, ready to be moulded into a wallet or a jacket... i tried hard to find other accords in this scent...but, all i could smell was leather, leather and "only" leather. made me wonder, is this one note frgrance..? coz if it is, then this has to be one of the best scents around which is linear. But, when i say linear, it doesnt mean it doesnt have any other tricks in it's bag. it probably has to do with the quality if ingredients that went into it... This one has a mesmerising sillage..and i mean "mesmerising". close to skin, one could smell the finest leather accord you could possibly sniff and away from skin, this scent swirls up in the air exuding different shades of brown and yes, a comforting warm halo of leather. by mids to base..a shiny tanner..almost tar like note appears and lingers on till the end. amazin scent to be worn in winters and or as one may please. a definite must have for anyone who is looking for a good quality, genuine leather based scent.

    Noir de Noir: by now, everyone knows Noir de noir is a story abour Rose, saffron and Oudh...the recipe atypical of Montale offerings. i approached this scent with the same expectation, only to find it doesnt have the oudh bite of montale at all. i mean, there is oudh, but not the way Montale does it. I could draw parallels to Amouage's Lyric in terms of the beatiful accord of rose used in this. it also reminds me of L'Artisan's seminal offering Voleur du Roses. in other words, this one has a very enchanting take on rose. it's extremely pleasant yet has that dark bite of Oudh in it. There is a eerie chilly nature to this scent which makes one wonder whether this has frankincense in it's composition. the real surpise is after an hour or so..accords of rose melt away into lovely notes of vanilla pods. it doesnt make the composition sweet by any means...the smell is of dry vanilla pods. very very interesting. and yes, this one climbs back to the top along with Moss Breches as one of the scents to look out for from this range.

    what one gets in the end is a rose prominent scent sufficiently backed up by saffron and spices with the breath of Oudh...the presense of oudh is only subtle and fades away within couple of hours...wht stands out then is the wonderful accord of dry,vanilla pods..

    Moss Breches: whew..what a scent. it reminded me of (wet version) of Thundra in the opening notes followed by No.88 kinda accords (of course, minus the rose)...Today i happened to dab a lot more of Moss Breches and what struck me the most is the way patchouli is done here. very wet, sloggy patch i must add. not as dry as in thundra or Ingrant patchouli. this has a very wet forest floor kind of accord. it's clearly visible upon application, almost watery quality, within 5-7 minutes it slowly takes the backstage for other accords to follow in... i have stated elsewhere that i get this vibhuti accord in No. 88, which is white ash, it is very camphory sweet and dry in smell..and exudes a white incense like accord. i could also distantly relate it to an intense version of Chanels masterpiece, Coromandel(could be the patch playing tricks with me). it's pretty spicy in it's opening...but, where SL's Ambre Sultan exudes a color which is golden.. Moss Breches exudes the color white for me. so, it's spicy, but not in the spicy amber type scent we know of. maybe there is Angelica in there that gives it this "white" feel... that said, i dont get that image of Moss from it until i reach the mids to base section. whne someone mentons Moss, the firsts scent that springs to mind is Leonard Ph...however, the mossy nature of this scent is clearly expressed and it's not the smell of wet moss on stone after's more like dry, golden hued moss over stones...lovely! Patchouli indeed holds this scent and forms the core. but theres a lot of other things going on which doesnt make it a patch exclusive scent. this is a must try for anyone who appreciates C&S's No.88, Creed Angelique Incens & Chanel's Coromandel, and also Leonard ph to an extent (i dont mean to imply all these scents smell similar to each other, it;s just a reference, that im sure we all can relate to).

    Along with Tuscan Leather, this one has really enchanted me.

    Amber Absolute: well, for those who say Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan doesnt have amber..should smell this one for reference. It's opening accords reminds one of mid-base notes of Ambre sultan minus the extreme spicy notes of AS. within 10 minutes it morphs into another scent we adore so much, which is Parfums d'Empire's Ambre Russe; ofcourse minus the leather and herbal, what that leaves us with is a smoldering accord of glowing amber so powerful, it has the capacity to create an aura and sense of warmth by merely smelling it. no wonder it's called amber "absolute". this is a straight ahead, no-nonsense, smoldering amber based scent. a definite must have for someone who admires Ambre Sultan and Ambre Russe. is it worth ahaving all these three scents in one wardrobe...? depends. i do have amber, i dont need this one. but, for thsoe who have Ambre Russe, this one is different enough to be in the same WD. just for our info, this has more in common with Ambre Sultan than with Ambre Russe.

    p.s. kindly ingore and forgive spelling and grammatical errors..
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