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    Default CdG 2 Man After Shave Gel

    Has anyone used this, have any comments?

    I've never used a gel and although I assume I just rub some on. It seems fairly thick and I get the impression I might need to thin it with some water. I usually use a Burt's Bees after shave balm: it smells like bay rum but the smell disappears soon after application. This CdG 2 Man smells pretty much like the edt, as you would guess, but I don't know how long it will last.

    Anyway, just looking for comments and suggestions. I need to shave tomorrow morning and was thinking about using. Guess I should have posted this before 1 am...
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    Default Re: CdG 2 Man After Shave Gel

    It does nothing for me and if someone wants to buy a jar, I have some. It was about 60% full by eyeball but it goes by weight, not eyeball volume, and I have used it 3 times. It smells great and I guess helps layer the scent, but I use the CDG 2man more on my chest.

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