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    Default Who sells decants? besides perfumedcourt

    I recently bought some samples from that I was really satisfied with, but they seemed a little expensive.

    I've seen old threads of people on here selling decants, but noone responded to my PM's. I'm wondering if there's anyone in the U.S.A. selling decants at a good price?

    I'm looking for stuff like XS, Rochas Man, Eau Savage, Brit, london, Roadster, Erolfa, Himalaya, SMW, D&G the One, antidote etc etc

    Also - HOW DO YOU DECANT? Can you do it with a regular EDT bottle?

    Want to buy/trade: looking for some escentric molecules kinski, I have a bunch of decants/samples including escentric 02 and escentric 01

    PM ME

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    Default Re: Who sells decants? besides perfumedcourt

    check out

    these are private sales, so not as much selection per 'vendor' as TPC, but pretty good pricing on decants

    (Hope it's not against the rules to post this here.)

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    Default Re: Who sells decants? besides perfumedcourt

    Hi John, welcome to Basenotes!

    Have a look at this thread for other places selling decants. It's from January, so the info should still be current.

    For how to decant, I found this instructional helpful:

    If you're decanting into small 1-2 ml vials, making a funnel out of aluminum foil has worked great for me if the sprayer doesn't have a narrow stream. Wider sprayer vials are fairly easy to spray directly into.
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    Default Re: Who sells decants? besides perfumedcourt

    The Posh Peasant has a nice selection of mainly unisex and female marketed scents.
    They have an ad over to the left.

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    Default Re: Who sells decants? besides perfumedcourt

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

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    Default Re: Who sells decants? besides perfumedcourt

    I can recommend SirSlarty (here on basenotes).. good prices, and has allot.
    unico grande amore.

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