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Thread: Chaos DKNY

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    Talking Chaos DKNY

    Does anyone think this could be a unisex scent. I wanted to buy it but have not sampled it yet?
    Could a guy wear it?

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    Default Re: Chaos DKNY

    I've not tried Chaos (although I hope to one day), but I've seen it compared to Black Cashmere, and Black Cashmere is definitely unisex.

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    Default Re: Chaos DKNY

    I definitely think a man could wear this. Interesting that it is called Chaos because that's how I think of it....definitely chaotic. It's metallic, dusty, spicy and perfumey all at once, if that makes any sense.
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    Default Re: Chaos DKNY

    Yup; good for blokes too.
    It's a good bit less raspy than Black Cashmere; more complex and with a top that has been likened to coca cola. Lovely stuff.
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    Default Re: Chaos DKNY

    yes, definitely unisex. Woody, spicy, incensy, a bit green in the tops notes. It is not girly at all. I love this scent so much. Idole de Lubin and LV Spezie are similar to Chaos for a point of reference.
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    Default Re: Chaos DKNY

    I do wear and love Chaos. The name is most inappropriate. I do feel great calm wearing it.

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    Default Re: Chaos DKNY

    I just got Chaos today... love at first sniff. Does give me a boozy vibe like Idole. My friend was reminded of Dr Pepper.

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    Default Re: Chaos DKNY

    A guy could absolutely wear it! (In fact, I seem to remember reading -could be wrong- that it was in fact inspired by her husband).

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    Default Re: Chaos DKNY

    I am very interested in trying Chaos, as well as Signature. Both are high on the wish list. Is is a creamy woody?
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    Default Re: Chaos DKNY

    Quote Originally Posted by Lessa View Post
    I am very interested in trying Chaos, as well as Signature. Both are high on the wish list. Is is a creamy woody?
    Signature is creamy/woody. Chaos is woody spicy

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