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    Default Creed "inspirations"

    It's common knowledge that many find the following similarities:

    1. Cool Water: Green Irish Tweed
    2. Paco XS: Himalaya

    I would add the following:

    3. Dunhill Desire: Santal Imperial
    4. D&G By Man: Royal Delight (rather tenuously, but I get the impression the perfumer behind the D&G had RD in mind!)

    Any thoughts or additions?

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    Default Re: Creed "inspirations"

    Green Irish Tweed was prior to Cool Water and II don't believe Truefitt's date for Freshman (they've reformulated)

    1. Joop Homme --->Orig. Santal
    2. Mugler ---> Orig. Vetiver
    3. Fath Green Water ---> Selection Verte
    4. Paco Rabanne XS ---> Himalaya

    Paco XS is the only one better than the creed for my taste, it's fresher and mintier.

    And all the others AFAIK are copies/inspirations the other way around.

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    Default Re: Creed "inspirations"

    PdN New York ------------> Bois du Portugal
    The only easy day was yesterday

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    Default Re: Creed "inspirations"

    Millesime Imperial ----> Unforgivable/Wall Street
    Green Irish Tweed ---->: Chez Bond
    Silver Mountain Water ----> I Am King

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