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    Default How do you unstick a top?

    Two cases.

    1) A metal cap on a glass bottle. It doesn't seem rusted, but it's stuck.

    2) The old fashioned glass stopper frozen in the neck of a glass bottle.

    And there's always the question whether the bottle might be worth more with the top frozen on and the contents a mystery.


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    Default Re: How do you unstick a top?

    EC--for the glass stopper question, do a search in the fragrance discussion area. I don't know the name of the thread, but there is one where socalwoman described what she does. It involves heat and cold, and a nutcracker--it worked for me!

    For a screw-cap situation, I would use a rubber glove as a sort of gripper, and then use vice grips or a nut cracker gently, with the rubber glove as a layer between the vice grips and the cap. You want to be gentle so you don't dent the cap, but strong enough to keep the friction while you use the vice grips for better leverage.
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