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    Default ? my Neroli Sauvage from

    Hello all! I just received my 4 oz NS from Scentiments and the bottle is plain (No gold lettering or the Millesime print on the bottom). It only has Neroli Sauvage etched in the glass...spray and cap look good, but the insert is written in German??? could it be a german market bottle? I haven't sprayed it, but am considering returning it as I've bought all my other creeds at Neiman's. My 2.5 NS from Neimans has the gold lettering and the millisime print at the bottom.

    Thanks for your input....probably should have just paid retail as I alway's have in the past....


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    Default Re: ? my Neroli Sauvage from

    I bought my GIT from them and it's good juice. Spray it on and see if it's really NS

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    Default Re: ? my Neroli Sauvage from

    Might be a tester. Unless you are retentive concerning packaging...keep it..

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    Default Re: ? my Neroli Sauvage from

    Go to Neiman's (if you can) and ask them to do a comparison. I'm sure they will help you out.
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    Default Re: ? my Neroli Sauvage from

    Hmmm weird... is there any chance you can post a picture.

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    Default Re: ? my Neroli Sauvage from

    Sounds like an authentic tester you have. I'd be worried if the labeling looked close to what you've seen at NM, but not exacty - signs of a counterfeit job. I got screwed recently by unknowingly buying a fake bottle of Original Vetiver, which had a bottle that was ALMOST identical to the real thing. The fact that your bottle looks nothing like what you've seen in stores, and has just plain lettering on the bottle, tells me that you probably have a legitamite tester on your hands, which is great. Testers are often not pretty to look at, but contain the right juice. Like the other guy said, if it smells like Neroli Sauvage, you're good to go!
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    Default Re: ? my Neroli Sauvage from

    thanks everyone!!! I do in fact have a NM 2.5 of NS and did try the scentiments purchase. Right on....maybe a bit more floral than the citrus in my NM. It's legit and I researched the bottle as a German Tester....I have a friend working in Germany for the next year than confirmed the tester labeling there. Strange as here in the states at NM's, testers come in all sorts of varieties. Oh well, it puts me in that NS cloud and that's all that matters.....

    Enjoy the weekend and thanks for your help,

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    Default Re: ? my Neroli Sauvage from

    By the way, how much did you pay at Scentiments? NS is one of my favorite Creeds and one of my fave citrus fragrances, but I just have a 1 oz. bottle, and I'd like to get the 4 oz.

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    Default Re: ? my Neroli Sauvage from

    Hi Shamu1.....It was $129 for a 4oz, which is a pretty good deal considering I usually pay retail.

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