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  • Black Oud

    27 79.41%
  • Red Oud

    2 5.88%
  • White Oud

    5 14.71%
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    Cool ... Your Color ...

    Yes yes yes I know they all are not similar to eachother. Besides, they are all lovely, wonderful, worth buying, even they are not so cheap at all. So, if you had a 95Euro voucher from Montale house as a lucky gift, which one Black, White or Red would you choose? While Black is quite popular out there, Red is super delicious, and White is like a litle sleeper, which color is your typical Montale Oud color guys?
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    Default Re: ... Your Color ...

    Black Aoud would be my first pick.
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    Default Re: ... Your Color ...

    For me Black, For the ladies White.

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    Its no contest. Red for me.

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    Default Re: ... Your Color ...

    I'm thinking and thinking and thinking... Then I decide to choose the one and only White, even I'm male and quite manly cmax ( and I have three of them now :P )

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    Default Re: ... Your Color ...

    black attack
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    White Oud gets my vote... it is more appealing to my wife than the harder, coarser Black Oud.

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    Default Re: ... Your Color ...

    Well, I voted Black because I love and own it... however, my next purchase from Montale will likely be a 100ml White with a 20ml Red. Great trio.
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    I think it has to be back in black. I don't think I have used anything quite like it.

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    Black Aoud it is. There's nothing like it. I get compliments galore (which I enjoy) even though that's not why I wear fragrances in the first place. This is why I got into exploring oud and it's the most sexy, sensual scent to me. My eyes rolled back the first time I smelled it from the sample vial.
    Red is too foody to me in the wrong way. The heavy iris and saffron (OK in other compositions to me) turn into Chinese food/MSG accord to me and I only wear this when I'm in the weird mood for it.
    White I love, love too but comes across to me a bit too feminine. I wish I could pull it off.
    I have tested the most number of scents from this house compared to any other. I own FB of BA and Aoud Lime. Still exploring. I love Montale.
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    Black Aoud all the way!
    Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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    I voted for Black, it's not only great for men but for women too. Red Aoud is a bit too sweet, a bit too often.
    But once you get locked into a serious perfume collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

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    Red face Re: ... Your Color ...

    I doubt between the white and balck, but i'll choose the black!
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