I was just talking with a fellow BNer about L'air Du Desert Maorcain and he was telling me how its suppose to represent the smell of the desert. Even though I'm from a country which is a desert in its geography (Qatar), I still didn't know how the perfume would smell like. After I sampled it, I did actually get the image of a dry, arid desert. I think almost every frag out there tries to depict a picture in our minds. I always used to tell a friend of mine that I felt that Annick Goutal's Myrrhe Ardente always made whoever wore it glow as if there is an aura around that person. So when I was checking-out Annick Goutal's website, it said that it was supposed to create a "veil" around the person who wears it!!

So my question is: did anyone ever get an image or a sense of what the frag was supposed to represent BEFORE actually knowing what it was supposed to actually represent? Was your image correct compared to the creator's