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    Default Versace Man please help

    I know this will sould odd but I can find Versace L'Homme, Versace The Dreamer, Versace Man Eau Fraiche and Versace Pour Homme but I can never find Versace Man. There is this one Kiosk in a mall nearby that has it but I am skeptical of purchasing fragrances from this particular Kiosk. I have read the reveiws of Versace Man here but I was wondering is there another fragrance that is very similiar because that way I can test that fragrance and compare it to the Versace Man that this Kiosk sells to see if it is legit. I just need a short review of Versace Man and a recommendation of a similiar fragrance.

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    Default Re: Versace Man please help

    Versace Man is a spices and tobacco scent. It's synthetic, but not in a bad way, and whenever I wear it, the scent feels like it's missing something. It's not rounded out. It feels like it's missing vetiver or something. The drydown is a better tobacco leaf base than Dreamer, but neither scent appeals to me that much. I'm a big fan of the Eau Fraiche version, but the two scents have nothing in common.

    The only scent that I can think of that comes even remotely close to Versace Man is Divine's L'Homme Sage. With that being said, the two are nothing alike, they just remind me of each other. Both have spices in the opening and I would wear them for the same occasion. I haven't smelled anything out there that's similar to Versace Man.

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    Default Re: Versace Man please help

    Does the Tobacco in Versace Man smell anything like the Tobacco in D&G or The Dreamer?

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    Default Re: Versace Man please help

    The tobacco in Versace man is an improvement on the tobacco in The Dreamer IMO. Out of those three, I like the tobacco in D&G Pour Homme the best out of the three IMO.

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