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    Ever once in a while I receive a new sample and upon opening it am greeted with a very distinct, pronounced stench most reminiscent of burnt paper and extreme dryness. Although I can smell other notes that most people would attribute to the fragrance, I cannot escape the strong, overwhelming stink that seems to drown everything else. For example Creed "SMW" is all but stench to me with barely perceivable fresh and floral notes. Same for Hermes "Un Jardin Après La Mousson" and Lacoste "Essential" - all reek of this very particular "aroma".

    This must be very subjective - my personal olfactory senses. Perhaps it's some chemical compound, perhaps the combination of them. Does anyone else know what I mean?

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    Could it be the initial alcohol blast? Creed SMW does have a petrol note.. but the Hermes I've never experienced what you've described.

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    Do you have a cold? Sinus infection? Because what you describe doesn't sound right.
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    Nope, it's not the alcohol blast, in fact it's usually the opposite - gets worse as alcohol evaporates. Neither it is sinus or cold - I'm in good shape.

    I'm quite surprised nobody has encountered this phenomenon.

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    I am still trying to find out what note in fougeres always smells like ammonia to me. :P

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    There's probably an unfamiliar note that brings up memories of something, such as a cleaning product being used on something that really smells bad (such as vomit). I think some people have skin chemistry that does smell like ammonia. A few people I've met over the years have smelled like ammonia. However, in terms of fougere, it's probably the basic fougere accord itself, which again, is unfamiliar to a lot of people (though it smells nice to most - so again it could be an old association).

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