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    Thumbs up By Kilian *100ml* Refill Bottles - 185$

    Might have been posted before, but not sure how I didn't see this earlier. Well, By Kilian now offers proper "refill bottles" instead of those gargantuan fountains. Never saw it offered in the US and e-tailers like LS or Aedes either... Unlike the "fountain tap refills," you don't have to own the $200+ box and bottle to buy these. Better $/ml than the "travel refills" as well. This one would be great for off-site splitting.

    Follow the link:

    So now we can decide... 185$ for 100ml and a decanting kit, or $200 for 50ml and spiffy packaging that can double as room furniture. Choices, choices.
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    Default Re: By Kilian *100ml* Refill Bottles - 185$

    Holy cripes! I just checked out the site for my love, Beyond Love, but forgot to check about shipping. I'm going back in...
    Thank you, moltening.

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    Default Re: By Kilian *100ml* Refill Bottles - 185$

    I recently purchased the 1oz refill kit, OH WELL .... is that site even reliable

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    Default Re: By Kilian *100ml* Refill Bottles - 185$

    Weird. I think BG's may have had some of these. When I sent my STH bottle to them for a refill I received it back with a little black pouch and funnel not unlike the ones in the photo. I remember thinking that receiving the pouch was weird since I sent it in its presentation box. I did not receive the little canister or case however.

    I wonder if that site by chance got a hold of some product from a biz that went under that should have gone back to Kilians or if Kilian are loosening their grip a bit so stir up sales.

    Yeah that site looks a bit suspect if you ask me.
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    Default Re: By Kilian *100ml* Refill Bottles - 185$

    Shipping kills this, right? $185 + $33 = $218

    Or $218 / 10mL equals $21.80. That would be cheaper than $28 for 7.5mL.

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