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Thread: Scent opera

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    Default Scent opera

    This sounds so cool. Although some of the notes I may want to skip, I'd still go check it out. I wish I was nearer to NYC. Apparently Mugler is sponsoring it.

    "In a darkened theater, audiences will be bombarded with smells, blasted in six-second sequences by a scent "microphone" attached to each seat. The scents tell the story of an epic struggle between nature and industry. Nearly five years in the making, the opera was conceived by Stewart Matthew, a corporate financier turned entrepreneur who co-founded Aeosphere, a "fragrance media" company, with Mr. Laudamiel in 2008."
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    Default Re: Scent opera

    I wonder what kind of reception it will get. It sounds novel, sort of like eating Bertie-Botts. There's a Disney World attraction called Stitch's Great Escape, with microphones as were described. You are made to think Stitch is sitting right behind you. He gleeks on you. Then he burps chili dog.
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