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    Default Nouveau paris @ my Dillards

    Found this at my Dillards the other day.....This Dillards in my city is what I would call an "A" store.....They carry the exclusive scents like Bois 1920, Antidote and Flower Bomb by V&R, Mandarin Duck, and Tous.
    You can check out this brand at

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    Default Re: Nouveau paris @ my Dillards

    Azure looks interesting.
    Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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    Default Re: Nouveau paris @ my Dillards

    These just starting showing up at our Dillards. I sampled a few and thought they were OK, but nothing special.


    The Dumann range for men includes:

    Azure - conveys sexiness and sophistication in its own latent atmosphere. With its own mixture of Peruvian lime, water lotus, and vetiver mist, it reinstates chivalry to the world.

    Onyx - establishes the mood of strength and masculinity. Unbreakable with its blend of black pepper, grapefruit, pink pepper, and orange, Onyx will make a man unforgettable.

    Feral - designed for the refined and self-assured. Its touch of bergamot and sandalwood mixed with its complexity of rosewood conveys a discreet scent that will always be well ahead of the trend.

    Dusk - has character to create the perfect garnish. Its pure scent of orange, mandarin, and black current [sic] mixed with Bulgarian rose and island jasmine fashions the surprising and mysterious man.

    The Dumann fragrances are available in 100 ml ($75).

    The Les Fleurs range for women includes:

    Azure Marine - presents the unbelievable freshness of the Mediterranean. This fine fragrance is inspired to dazzle by the incredible mixture of lotus, water lily, and melon, allowing a bright and clean enlightenment.

    Feral Forest - the ultimate luxurious experience with its blend of soft and silky mixtures of midnight jasmine, amber, and vanilla, allowing one to drift into a world of modern romance, textural passion, and wilderness.

    Delightful Citrus - With its cultivation of orange blossom, jasmine, and sandalwood, this exquisite yet delicate scent can definitely turn some heads when walking.

    Brilliant Garland - delivers the mixture of gardenia, freesia petals, and ginger lily allowing one to gist into a universe of modern legendaries, textural passions, and sparkling enthusiasms.

    Moonlight Dusk - a blend of almond, coffee flower, cinnamon wood, and vanilla. Its remarkably smooth, sexy, luring texture is what gives women the extra edge.

    Pink Burgeon - designed by blending the riches of the orient, Asian pear, tangerine, and Chinese magnolia, with the rose petal and white iris of the occident.

    Sweet Grass - remarkably rich, and smooth. The top green notes are compiled to present this sweetness, formed by apple leaf, mint and grapefruit.

    Tropical Mist - welcomes rejuvenation. This mystical scent is combined with its blend of violet flower, guava fruit, gentle waves of yuzu, and sparkling bergamot resembling one’s very own personal tropical paradise.

    Unspoken Murmur - for the most elegant women. The classic fragrance features personal luxury and is an attractive edition to our collection. It is a landmark perfume, with its highlights of jasmine, lilac, rose and violet.

    Blue Diamond - created with the world’s most sophisticated and expensive ingredients such as rose, jasmine, and plum, this radiance brings originality into life. Luxurious and glamorous, Blue Diamond is the legend of mystery.

    The Les Fleurs range fragrances are available in 50 ($55) or 100 ml ($85).
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    Default Re: Nouveau paris @ my Dillards

    I sampled a few of these yesterday with CologneJunkie and Shadesofbleu at our Kansas City Worldwide Meet-Up (see thread), and none of us were impressed at all. Rather generic and simple. There's an amusing comment thread on NowSmellThis in which everyone totally trashes the ad copy (it's pretty hideous) and ridicules the company for putting out so many boring fragrances in one fell swoop. Better to make one kickass product than a truckful of mediocre ones...
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    Default Re: Nouveau paris @ my Dillards

    Wait they only carry Bois 1920 at the flagship Dillards at Northpark in Dallas, is that where you found them?
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