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    Unhappy Help - Stuck Stopper!

    My beautiful boxed set of vintage Lanvin Scandal, Pretexte and Rumeur extraits arrived and, sadly, one of the ground glass stoppers is stuck. Does anyone have an idea on the best way to free it? I'm so eager to try the cognac-colored juice inside.

    BTW, the Scandal and Rumeur are incredible!
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    Default Re: Help - Stuck Stopper!

    Merbert, I'm no expert and others here will probably know better, but the first idea I would have might be to put the bottle in the refrigerator--maybe there would be some contraction of the bottle and the juice sticking the stopper in would be brittle enough to release its hold once cold.

    I hope other members can correct my idea or otherwise know what to do.
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    Default Re: Help - Stuck Stopper!

    There have been a few threads on this (but I'm too sick to look them up...) but I think a consensus was don't force it, and using cold on the stopper and heat around the neck might help.

    I have a stuck stopper, and even broke the glass stopper handle off an ancient chanel parfum, so I'll keep reading just in case.

    Apparently there is a post by socalwoman about it, mentioned here: so I would check the other forums too.

    And good luck!

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    Default Re: Help - Stuck Stopper!

    Thanks for the recommendation. I will be very careful as I would hate to ruin this lovely boxed set.
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    Default Re: Help - Stuck Stopper!

    socalwoman's technique worked for me--I used nutcrackers over a towel to get leverage on the stopper after I tried to loosen it with heat, cold and by cleaning around the top of the neck with alcohol and a cotton swab.

    I love Scandal and Rumeur also--Rumeur was a big mossy surprise!
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