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    Default Puma Create - Men and Women

    NAME: Create Man
    HOUSE: Puma
    YEAR: 2006
    GENDER: Masculine
    TOP: Pineapple, Pomelo, Calabrian bergamot
    HEART: Bamboo, Watermelon
    BASE: Bazilian rosewood, Amber, Sandalwood

    The men's smells very good. Like a really clean Chrome.

    NAME: Create Woman
    HOUSE: Puma
    YEAR: 2006
    GENDER: Feminine
    TOP: Grapefruit, Red apple, Wild strawberry
    HEART: Freesia, Lily of the valley, Rangoon
    BASE: Musk, Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla

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    Default Re: Puma Create - Men and Women

    I'm wearing this today, bought it while buying razor blades, 7,50 for 30ml edt.

    Clean and pretty standard, nothing of distinction and I wouldn't buy it again. Don't know about the longevity yet, but it's getting harder to smell already (1 hour after application).
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