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    Your yacht founders off the coast of Florida, and you and your date paddle ashore to a remote unnamed key, in an inflatable lifeboat, where you may be stranded for weeks. You managed to grab a couple of bags, a cooler, a few essentials, enough to sustain you, as you watch your boat, badly listing, drift off to sea.

    Luckily, you packed your three favorite fragrances in your kit bag... and so did she. That gives you both a good number of layering possibilities (somebody do the math). What are your three scents... and what do you hope are hers?
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    Bacon, rum, and pineapple.
    - E.J.

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    Might be Signoricci and Guerlain Vetiver for me, with Acqua di Parma Colonia too.

    I haven't figured out what she'd save yet.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Seriously, though. For a tropical island I'd probably go with Guerlain Vetiver, Tommy Bahama, and M7.
    - E.J.

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    I would hope she packed her cute brother.
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    I would hope she packed her cute brother.

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    Virgin Island Water
    Allure Homme Sport Cologne
    Burberry Summer for Men

    Her scents don't matter....LOL.
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