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    Default The SALE worth waiting for!

    All prices in US dollars.
    Free Shipping from SINGAPORE with a tracking number.
    No Hidden Costs!
    $5 DISCOUNT OFF each bottle if you purchase 2 or more.

    *Paypal is preferred and I will ship anywhere.
    *While all care will be taken to ensure that the parcel reaches you, I will not be responsible for any duties or tax imposed by your customs in your country.

    Happy Shopping


    Bentley >> Bentley Azure For Men 100ml edt tester- $65

    Chanel>> Coco Mademoiselle After Bath Powder 142g- $75

    Chanel>> No. 5 After Bath Powder 142g- $75

    Chanel>> No. 19 Body Cream 150g- $75

    Cartier>> Baiser Vole D'Amour edp tester- $70

    Anna Sui>> Sui Dream 2 x 30ml edt tester- $65

    Fendi >> Fan di Fendi Assoluto 100ml edt tester- $68

    The Perfumer's Workshop >>Jasmine 28ml parfum splash - $130

    Christian Dior >> Miss Dior Cherie L'Eau 100ml edt tester - $92

    Balenciaga >> Florabotanica 100ml edt tester - $82

    Prada >> Infusion D'Iris 100ml edp tester - $72

    Revillon >> French Line 50ml edt tester - $60

    Versace>> V'E Versace 100ml edp tester- $70

    Ferrari>> Ferrari 456GT 100ml- $60

    Adolfo Dominguez>> Agua De Sandalo 120ml edt- $72

    Chanel>> Chanel Pour Monsieur 100ml edt- $85

    Max Mara>> Kashmina Touch 90ml edp-$120

    Givenchy>> Very Irresistible For Men 100ml edt-$85

    Jean Desprez>> Bal a Versailles 100ml edt-$70

    Thierry Mugler>> Garden of Stars La Rose Angel 100ml edp spray tester- $70

    Thierry Mugler>> Garden of Stars Pivoine Angel 100ml edp spray tester- $70

    Thierry Mugler>> Garden of Stars Violette Angel 100ml edp spray tester- $70

    Thierry Mugler>> Garden of Stars Le Lys Angel 100ml edp spray tester- $70

    Gucci>> Gucci Eau De Parfum 75ml edp- $100

    Bobby Jones>> vintage Bobby Jones 75ml edt tester- $65

    Pacoma>> Cassilia 100ml edp tester - $65

    Pacoma>> Gatsby 100ml edt tester (no box) - $72

    Hermes>> Bel Ami 100ml edt - $120

    Hugo Boss>> vintage Hugo Boss no. 1 125ml splash - $60

    Givenchy>> Fleur d'Interdit 100ml edt - $55

    Jacques Bogart>> vintage One Man Show 100ml edt x 2 tester- $65

    Krizia>> K de Krizia 58ml edp x 2 - $60

    YSL>> Opium 2006 Special Editon 50ml edt - $90

    Harley-Davidson>>Legendary Harley-Davidson 100ml edt- $62

    Brooksfield>>Nuance 100ml edt- $62

    Jaguar>>Mark II 2 x 30ml edt- $85

    Costume National>> 21 100ml edp - $55

    Trussardi>> Trussardi by Trussardi 3 x 25ml edt - $55

    Balenciaga>> Balenciaga pour homme 3 x 30ml edt - $80

    YSL>> Opium Eau d'Orient 2007 edition 100ml edt - $68

    Trussardi>> Inside for woman 100ml edp- $92

    Salvador Dali>> vintage Salvador Dali Pour Homme 50ml edt splash- $42

    Alessandro Dell'Acqua>>Alessandro Dell'Acqua For Man 50ml edt- $75

    Hermes>>24 Faubourg 100ml edt tester- $78

    Lagerfeld>>Jako 100ml edt- $90

    Hermes>>Amazone Eau Fraicheur 100ml edt x 2 bottles- $80

    Mango>>MNG Cut for women 100ml edt- $70

    Mango>> Mango Adorably 100ml edt- $70

    Kenzo>>7:15am in Bali 50ml edt tester- $65

    Etienne Aigner>>Aigner no. 2 50ml edc splash- $45

    Aramis>>Classic Reserve 100ml edt- $90

    Kenneth Cole>>Signature 100ml edt- $50

    Worth>>Worth Pour Homme Haute Concentration 100ml edt- $55 (no box)

    Gres>> Cabochard old formulation 100ml edt tester- $40 (no box)

    Francesco Smalto>>Francesco Smalto 100ml edt (no cap)- $45

    Lamborghini>> vintage Lamborghini for men 100ml edt - $52

    Salvador Dali>> Le Roy Soleil Homme 100ml edt *90%*- $50

    Benetton>> Original Color de Benetton Homme 100ml edt tester- $45 (no cap)

    Alyssa Ashley>> Men's Musk 100ml edt spray- $50

    Bentley>> Bentley For Men Intense 100ml edp- $65

    Revlon>> Vintage Ultima edp 100ml- $48

    Escada>>Escada Sport Country Weekend 100ml edt- $62

    Nina Ricci>>Les Belles Amandier 100ml edt tester- $52

    Christian Lacroix>>Bazar Pour Homme 100ml edt- $75

    Capucci>>R de Capucci 100ml edt- $70

    Caron>>Caron Rose 50ml edp- $70

    Aramis>> Vintage Tuscany 50ml edt splash- $50

    MCM>>MCM Gold 50ml edt- $45

    Montagut>> Monsieur Montague 60ml edc cologne splash- $38

    Nina Ricci>> Fleur de Fleur 100ml edt tester - $65

    Sergio Soldano>> Atelier 100ml pdt - $70

    Guerlain>> La Petite Robe Noire 100ml edt- $65

    Ferrari>> Ferrari 512TR 30ml edt- $50

    Jean Patou>> Un Amour de Patou 75ml edt- $74

    Jean Patou>> Vintage Joy 60ml rechargeable edt- $74

    Etro>> Vintage Etro Raving 150ml eau parfumee- $50

    Stendhal>> Elixir Noir 90ml edp- $115

    Davidoff>> Zino 125ml edt- $45

    Armani>> Vintage Mania 100ml edp tester- $60

    Trussardi>>Inside Man 100ml edt tester- $80

    Trussardi>>Donna Fresh 100ml edt- $80

    Trussardi>> Bianco 75ml edt- $75/ 75ml tester- $55

    Lacoste>> Vintage Lacoste pour homme 100ml edt splash- $55/ 50ml splash- $38

    Mariella Burani>> Mariella Burani 100ml edt- $65

    Mariella Burani>> Amuleti 100ml edt- $65

    Gilda>> Gilda 100ml edt spray- $70

    Burberrys>> Society 100ml edp - $60

    Loewe>> Quizas, Quizas, Quizas 100ml edt - $50

    Patrichs>> Vintage Patrichs 60ml aftershave splash 2 bottles - $50

    Roccobarocco>> Mouse For Him 75ml- $75/ Mouse For Her 75ml- $80

    Alain Delon>> AD Plus 125ml edt- $55

    Cacharel>> Vintage Anais Anais 100ml edt splash- $50

    Ferrari>> Donna 50ml edp- $55

    Paco Rabanne>> Eau de Calandre 90ml edt tester- $50

    Christian Dior>> Jules 100ml deodorant- $50


    Acqua Di Portofino>> Acqua Di Portofino 100ml edp- $55

    Annick Goutal>> Dans Les Foins 125ml Home Perfume- $40 sealed

    Antonio puig>> Sybaris 125ml ed tester spray (without cap)- $58

    Azzaro>> Acteur 100ml edt tester in box- $52

    Balenciaga>> Ho Hang Club 100ml edt - $48

    Cacharel>> Anais Anais vintage 100ml edt splash- $58 / 50ml spray- $65

    Caron>> Rose 50ml edp- $65

    Cartier>> vintage Panthere pdt 50ml splash/spray Flacon- $85

    Chloe>> Chloe Narcisse 100ml edt- $50

    Elizabeth Taylor>> vintage Passion for men 125ml cologne- $52

    Etienne Aigner>> Statement for men 100ml edt- $52

    Givenchy>> Ysatis Iris 50ml edt- $60

    Gres>> Homme de Gres 125ml edt sealed- $52

    Guerlain>> Aqua Allegoria Bouquet Numero 1 125ml edt tester- $55

    Issey Miyake>> L'eau d'Issey Body Cream 200ml- $60

    Jacomo>> Anthracite pour l'homme 50ml- $50

    Jean Patou>> Voyageur 50ml spray and collector ship bottle- $65 (rare)

    Lancetti>> Lancetti IL 100ml edt- $75

    Leonard>> Leonard pour homme 100ml 98% full- $48

    Mandarina Duck- Pure Black 100ml edt- $54

    Maxim's>> Maxim's de Paris 200ml edt splash- $64

    Nicole Miller>> vintage Nicole Miller For Men 125ml edt- $52

    Nina Ricci>> Les Belles- Delice d'Epices 100ml- $70

    Penhaligon's>> LP No. 9 50ml edt - $55

    Perac>> Perac Pour Homme 100ml splash- $120/ 50ml splash- $80/ 50ml spray- $100

    Pierre Balmain>> Ivoire de Balmain 100ml tester *85%* no cap or box- $35

    Roberto Capucci>> R de Capucci edt 100ml- $70 new

    Schiapparelli Pikenz>> Arrogance Pour Femme 100ml edt- $60

    Ted Lapidus>> Creation 100ml edt- $55

    Thierry Mugler>> Amen Pure Shot 100ml edt- $65
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    Default Re: The SALE worth waiting for!

    Interested in the versace oud noir, to the UK please

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    Default Re: The SALE worth waiting for!

    Some new items added!

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    Default Re: The SALE worth waiting for!

    Quote Originally Posted by xmen View Post
    Some new items added!
    Perac>> Perac Pour Homme 100ml splash- $120/ 50ml splash- $80/


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