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    Default Stuck stopper - this really worked

    Last night with little drama, I got my stuck glass stopper freed from a lovely bottle Lanvin Pretexte, and here is how I did it.

    Early in the day I tightly wrapped the bottle up to the neck in "Stretch Tight" plastic wrap to prevent the label from being dampened or, heaven forbid, the bottle shattering in the process. It then went into the freezer for several hours. I then wrapped it in a towel and placed the neck and stopper at the spout of a rapidly boiling tea kettle. The resulting steam freed the stopper within a couple of minutes. Using the steam kept the heat precisely at the neck, never raising the temperature of the bottle and perfume significantly.

    Pretexte smells quite good. I'll write a review once I figure out how to describe the most surprising almond note.
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    Default Re: Stuck stopper - this really worked

    Great application of knowing how heat expansion works.

    The only time I used a similar technique is not perfume-related, but rather, trying to wedge 2 metal IKEA pieces together where some WD-40 plus heat expansion from dipping it in hot water helps.

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