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    Red face Vintage perfume rampage: Copenhagen

    Hi chaps (and ladies),

    This weekend my wife and I spent 2 full days wandering around Copenhagen, visiting the antique stores and fleamarkets (stopping occasionally for tooooo many pastries and coffees). There is one thing Ive always said about the Danes, and that is that they sure know how to hold a fleamarket!

    Between the pair of us, we managed to amass a small collection of vintage perfumes for only a handful of dollars. Not only did I snag some beautiful stoppered cut-crystal empty bottles, we also got the following vintage scents (1930s to 1970s):

    Vintage Nahema Parfum mini (Guerlain)
    Ma Griffe (Carven) still boxed and in its cellophane
    Nocturnes de Caron Cologne Fraiche (full bottle)
    Youth Dew (Estee Lauder) - partial bottle
    L'Aimant (Coty) EDT - partial
    Jungle L'Elephante (Kenzo) - a half-full 50ml bottle, but was on my wishlist anyway - $1.20!
    Eau de Cologne Fraiche (Christain Dior) - (full 1950's 100ml bottle), the bottle and packaging I love (pictured).

    We also saw Anais Anais (80s), Ispahan (Yves Rocher) and a bottle of vintage "Old Spice" in a clear brown glass bottle (the precise name of the special edition escapes me), amongst many others. These, we did not buy. There were just too many to recall, and for our pocketbooks!

    The big surprise of the day was when a vendor whom we had made a purchase from, reached under the table and revealed a 400ml factice of Paco Rabanne (pictured), and said "here - you can just have this". We felt like Daddy's b*tches!

    So - when was the last time you hit the pavement and visited some of those fleamarkets and estate sales?
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