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Thread: Hermes Rouge

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    Question Hermes Rouge

    I don't hear much here about Hermes Rouge. What reading I have done of individual reviews is vague and evokes Mitsouko. Well, of course, considering how much I like Mitsouko I thought I would inquire of experiences here on Base Notes. Your responses, as always, gratefully recieved.

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    Default Re: Hermes Rouge

    My wife doesn't care for it at all.

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    I purchased some on a whim a few years back. I wanted something lush and Hermes, and it has a very antique-dolls, sort-of resinous quality, which intrigued me at first. But once I actually wore it, I thought it was really creepy, and usually old musty things are good-evocative for me, but this one was like [I]Flowers [/I]in the Attic -- or maybe what "Mother" was wearing in Psycho.. Hard to pin down, but not good. It would be good for aroma vision with a horror movie...

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    Nikolai, if you want to get a fantastic, under-valued Hermes feminine that works great on a man, try Amazone - an amazing woody floral. Rouge is not so great.
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    I agree with Amazone.

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