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    I smelled this today and was shocked.....Nothing, hardly nothing to smell. A total waste of my time.....I hate to be the harsh but it's the truth. With the economy in the shape that it's in.....I can't believe that a company would release something this light.
    Exactly. It's like there's almost *nothing* there to smell. It's so incredibly weak, light and barely-there.

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    I am usually easy to please, but this is just terrible. It didn't smell great to begin with and was literally gone in about 10 minutes.
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    Okay... I've gotten into a kick of "barely there" scents again - it HAS to be the upcoming trip to Japan that's triggering this and I returned to the CK Free that was gifted to me... well, actually re-gifted to me. A friend of mine heard me say something about it, and apparently saying something about it means I'm interested.

    So I follow my normal schedule of morning workout, shower with some aloe vera alata saminaa (African black soap) which usually I tend to use alongside other lighter scents - I've been on an iris/floral kick lately - but instead I tossed on some CK Free, threw on a t-shirt and relaxed to a calm day in the home office.

    And it hit me... about 30 minutes later. There's a fresh scent that had a very light memory of wood. Then it hits me... this reminds me of when I used to sleep on the wooden floor in the family cabin in a sleeping bag and this is the first thing I'd smell upon waking up. A crisp breeze, the wooden floor and a bit of the sleeping bag that had been run through the dryer once with a sparsely scented (once used) dryer sheet.

    It's not a bad scent after all. It's a clean, fresh, slightly woodsy scent that isn't bright at all. It's not a yell, it's not a scent that speaks through a megaphone... it's a very light, barely there scent that allowed my skin, my neutral scent of clothes that were washed in Tide Detergent Free (unscented) and air dried outside (I live far away from city pollutants) and slightly mixes in with the nigh flowery aforementioned soap and it... isn't a bad scent after all.

    Boring? Perhaps. But it actually isn't a bad, boring scent that somehow evoked a memory when I wasn't even looking for one.
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    I like the 80's retro bottle, but the scent is a fruity, synthetic, mess...

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    ditto - synthetic (calone) mess
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    Generic fresh oceanic scent. Has some musculine notes and... that's all. zero sillage, zero longevity. For those men, who want to use perfume, but don't want to smell of it.

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